Update 16 September, 2021

It works already, just not for very long. I ran one of the early recent test nets without a single error for an entire day. The point is, yes, It works Lisa.

Lets take a walk back into time: The historic first flight of the Wright Flyer in1903 lasted 12 seconds , traveling 36 m (120 ft), with Orville piloting. The best flight of the four flights that day, with Wilbur at the controls, covered 255.6 m (852 ft) in 59 seconds.

That was a very short test flight indeed. But do you think the Wright brothers, after seeing their Wright Flyer fly, be it ever so short, ever question if flight was possible, or would it ever work? If you want to fly and you end up flying, indeed, you flew!

The Safe Network flew, and it will fly further! Put on your leather cap and goggles, and wear a scarf, its going to be windy, noisy, and chilly, because we are about to take off again, and fly a little further this time. Cheers

Edit: using the same analogy, when the Safe Network is flying, it is technically a passenger jet plane, not just an early prototype for flight. Thus, every successful flight is a much bigger deal, Especially for those desperate to find a SAFE way to travel.


Love this!!!


Myself, I like to think of SpaceX’s Starship development here … rapid prototyping and testing, but there are periods where no tests as some new prototypes require more development than others.



I would really be worried however if Musk was heading this project! Thank god we have David :)!


Yeah, they don’t have that much in common. Musk, for a time, slept on the factory floor. David, it seems, never sleeps.

Addendum: Does anyone else get the feeling that David has read every message ever posted on this board?


This is a new development before the next new development.

Don’t know what you mean :smiley:

I hope not, we seem set now. A lot of what we wanted did not exist but it does now from other sources, mostly CRDT and data chain/section chain, but it does now. The DBC privacy parts are new and fortunately, the network design fits existing tech really well, so we went for that too, otherwise it was possible to trace transactions (maybe). In any case, it’s all here and we should launch now.


That is amazing news David, we can’t wait to see the first flight around the world :blush:!

Thank you for taking the time to write this!


Can anyone update me about front-end to beta?

Wow, this is awesome news! I have been lurking around since this board has started, and I am delighted to hear this. Congrats to you and your team!


In my search for info on all things DBC I found another that seemed to have the subject well understood, at least to my limited capacity. It can be found at: Digital Money and DBCs •


The article and site you linked to is written by Jonathan Logan, one of the two authors of the Scrit whitepaper. Very useful resources.


OK, so could someone please point me to where I can read about these very useful resources?

I meant that the article you posted above and others on opaque.link website, as well as the Scrit whitepaper (also linked above) are useful for anyone interested in the topic of DBCs.


David….now? Means now now or when now? This statement is so powerful so i am sorry if i have asked the same question that has been asked to you thousands of times. Maybe evem millions :sweat_smile:

Got to admit my anticipation levels for Thursdays are off the scale!!


Don’t mean to be a bummer here, but pretty sure he meant that they have all the tech together NOW to complete the project … but don’t expect a timeframe as getting things together and debugging depends on too many factors for humans to calculate.


I have a new improved agogometer on the bench. For a small(ish) fee, I may make a marine version with salt-water cooling in carbonfibre with stainless steel fixings.

Doubt we will see anything this week. Just means they have all the tech, but still have to debug and code. We are probably months away…