Update 16 September, 2021

Who’s writing these DBC explainers, I am guessing @danda? Thank you.

I hope this series will not get lost in old updates and will be published on the website or elsewhere for easy access!


Yes, a skill for sure. I like the accuracy and exact nature of these, David Rusu helps too with the digrams and more. They are the DBC squad right now


Possibly a job here for the community, collating the best bits …


An opportunity for anyone who thinks they don’t have technical or other skills needed to contribute.

The reality is there’s always a way for anyone to contribute.


that would be great. We have also had the thought that as we get a bit further along with fleshing out the entire DBC system, it would be good to write a whitepaper detailing how it works, and this dev update series could serve as a starting point for that.


I can’t speak for maidsafe but here’s my personal view on it.

It will probably work.

At the core it’s ‘just a chat system for machines’. They tell each other what to do and if they don’t do it they tell each other about that. Sometimes people chat too (uploads / downloads) but right at the root of it is machines saying ‘do we agree about stuff’.

If someone starts talking trash, the machines can cope.

If lots of trash comes all of a sudden the machines can probably still cope.

If almost everything is trash, the system is kinda pointless isn’t it. Do we say it failed? Probably. But not because machines couldn’t chat, it was because people only wanted to talk a lot of trash. Maybe this is shifting goalposts. It becomes kinda fuzzy.

The actual mechanisms for ‘coping’ have some pretty complicated ways of playing out. The mechanisms themselves are simple, but the behaviors they lead to are not.

Closer for sure. But when do we get to a testnet that’s useful? I dunno. Gut says maybe a month? Really don’t know though. I haven’t run a local testnet for several months now so am not well positioned to judge how stability is changing.

Yep, bugs. That’s the main thing missing for a stable testnet, squashing as many bugs as necessary for stability. The underlying ideas are there, but bugs are making things fall over.


I like it - cut n pasted for now


This is an amazing idea! The idea of clients publishing (probably in a special area of CRDT) their DBC transfers to manage spendbooks is amazing. I think this is a groundbreaking idea that only SN with asset transfer + storage function can implement. I like how the clients does most of the work and the nodes does some sort of routing. Because of this, SN looks like the internet to me. Thanks for SN Team, @danda & @dirvine :heart_eyes:


credit where it’s due. This was @dirvine’s idea, and David Rusu has been implementing it. My contribution was only to write the above summary blurb and review some related pull requests. :wink:


Thanks so much to the entire Maidsafe team for all of your hard work! :racehorse:

To all of the people who are wondering about the ultimate success of this project, yes, it is not a guarantee. However the integrity, transparency, and accountability of this organization, is unmatched. :racehorse:

Also, the honesty, friendliness, and knowledge sharing of our forum members is unmatched. :racehorse:


Thanks for the very easy pictures, a specific and easy explanation. @maidsafe .


DBC and Farming is same thing ? I am not sure, can someone please guide me?


DBC is the token mechanism, how to transfer tokens between entities.

Farming or earning etc. is the service that users pay for with tokens. The mechanism from user paying to resource providers getting paid uses DBCs to make payments and the network identifying who to be paid for what work.


Thank you for the answers. Things are much more clear to me now.

MaidSafe is the great project with the great community :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you so much


DBCs will really be a very essential part for the SafeNetwork and eventually be the next revolution in tokenizing anything!


I thought that chosen section is derived from node’s key, which can be arbitrary.

Do section selection still works this way?
Or my understanding is not correct?

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As nodes age they need to create new keys for a new section, so in a range given to them. This means they cannot influence where they go as they age and when they age enough, they become Elders.


Is new section always needed for Adult->Elder promotion?
What happens when Elder goes offline?
Adult from the same section or from different section replaces him?


The oldest Adult is promoted.

Also if a node relocates here and is older than youngest Elder then the youngest Elder is demoted and the new node promoted.