Update 16 September, 2021

I dont understand you point it is your choice.

“If I bought BTC or ETH that time” is meaningless.

How do you proof if you bought ETH that time and still holding that ETH ?

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I didn’t say I regret it, or that it wasn’t my decision.
I would’ve still been holding, I buy and hold. I rarely sell

I still don’t regret it, and I still believe in maidsafe


Yeah, there are always better trades. As a long term hodler, I’m in a similar boat, could have bought ETH back then too, so I feel your pain !!

I think they are close now though and looking back at a missed opportunity doesn’t inform me of opportunities for the future. I’ve been following Maidsafe for years, and it’s what I know. I’ve watched many other project come with big promises and then put out crap product, so, 1.) Maidsafe is tackling a huge problem & 2.) they are working to get it right and not put out a crap product … Maybe there is some other project quietly lurking that’s building something better and more amazing than Safe Network - if so I’d like to hear about it, but I won’t allow my past regrets for missing an opportunity to interfere with what is here and now a coming mega opportunity with Safe Network - at least not without some really amazing alternative appearing.


unfortunately I lost signal at the critical moment so my hopes were dashed yet again.

what an update the DBC update is definitely an eye opener and I cant wait to see it in action.
I am still hoping for a test net in the near future so I look forward to any info the team can give us on when we can have our next test net play date :slight_smile:

also I definitely need to buy @southside a beer when I am on dry land.


If you finally decide to sell all your maidsafecoins, I would be happy to buy them from you, it is difficult to buy and sell large amounts.


Seems everyone knows about the project then, better than what’s the Safe Network? :upside_down_face:


Only if you talk to people in crypto, otherwise its big eyes with an interrogation sign over their head.

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Why is everyone lost? The updates have always been mostly technical and if you’ve followed this long surely you’ve learned a thing or two. Not to come across as harsh.

They are doing a deep dive into basically the last (and what some may argue as the most innovative) piece of the network which is the digital money technology know as Digital Bearer Certificates (DBCs) aka what will be Safe Network Token

Most everything is done and something newish that may be confusing some is Anti-Entropy (AE). AE is a way to massively simplify messaging, which is how nodes talk back and forth to each other so that there is less traffic and less chance for errors.

Other than that it’s further simplifying existing code by refactoring, optimizing and bug fixing things that were making the recent test nets unstable and short lived.

Everyone wants something that can’t be provided yet without wasting time and resources.

Just need more patience even though I know it’s in short supply.


I think the update was more of a deep dive on how the network works rather than an update on where everything is at. A lot of people are starting to get nervous with the state of the exchanges and patience is probably on the short side lately. Just my intuition on the reactions we are seeing.


With Maidsafe the time to complete any major part of the development is always roughly equal to the amount of time it takes to think of a better way to do it.


The confusion present here almost sounds like a job for the simpleton himself!!!


The innovations coming out of the process are really pretty remarkable, but won’t be completely evident to most until the network is up and running. It’s working toward being a Swiss watch, but not delicate.


Ha!! Saw your post AFTER I posted mine. :sweat_smile:


Reasonable question but the DBC implementation approach has greatly benefited from the lessons of AT2 and is actually a bit of melding there so it was totally worth it IMO.


Yeah, I agree they always really do look like big improvements.

I hope you are right its working towards being a Swiss watch. Sometimes I just worry they are working towards creating a perfect network, which is impossible.

There will always be some new research, some new language, some new dependency, some new idea. If you always embrace all of these then the chances of ever finishing become vanishingly small. At some point you have to settle for what you’ve got and get on with it. At least that’s what my wife tells her friends anyway.


I don’t worry much about that. It just has to be a proper start, that can be built upon, which is a lot. Also should be built for the “worst case” which would be the need to recover if it goes down.

It’s easy to become impatient. But when that tendency surfaces for me, I remember the ambitiousness of the goal and the progress that has been made towards it, and I chill.

All that has been done over the last year or so is actually quite remarkable.


Look, this is not what the team is doing.

I know a lot of people don’t understand software development so let me explain.

It’s not about chasing after shiny new things and being hypnotized by cool new tools and things to play with.

It’s about efficiency.

Any great piece of software is great because of it being able to do complex things as simply as possible.

What the team is doing is they are adding new things while cutting out the less efficient things in order to cut down on lines of code and make things Much more simple.

The more lines of code you have the more possibility to create conflicts within the programming, which creates bugs, and network breaking inefficiencies.

So they are making huge strides right now, mostly simplifying things that are so complex that it will make your head spin. They are getting closer and closer to the ultimate goal. No software project like this is simple easy and quick. At this point it is hard to wait, but just have a little bit more patience is all I can suggest.


It is a long time to have waited, and many haven’t. But the ones who complain tend not to have been around as long as the ones who don’t complain.

That’s interesting and I’ve not thought much about it. I can imagine explanations, different reasons for interest, having missed the early stages when there were only a handful of projects and some chose this one for one reason or another while others went elsewhere.

I confess I’m both confident and tired of the wait, but I’ve been here before. I joined a start-up that confidently promised an exit and shares within five years. At no stage were they in trouble and not doing brilliantly, but despite the two founders’ determination and the success of their v1.0 product which was already selling well when I joined, it took eleven years to exit after I joined.

Many left before that and lost their share options, but I stayed and because of that my belief and loyalty was rewarded.

Tenacity pays because in this kind of thing it is the majority that lose, while tenacity singles you out from the crowd. It doesn’t always work, which is why tenacity is a rare quality.

David’s tenacity is beyond anything I can aspire to. What’s great about this is that we can all both boost and share in his tenacity, which I think is why many of us are so loyal even though we’ve been here since 2014.

There are no guarantees here, but I know decent people, and I can tell technical bullshit and snake oil from sound, determined, tenacious development, or at least let’s hope I can :relaxed:.

Anyway, while I’m no longer putting the hours in, and no longer coding, I’m still here every day, on Twitter and mastodon supporting the project, and cannot wait to have a product to shout about.

Even if it fails you won’t hear complaints from me, I’ve made mistakes, lost money, and it doesn’t pay to do that.

But I’m confident and looking forward to slapping David on the back and telling him how grateful I am to have stumbled on his vision and joined this world changing journey.


DBC integration is to come then test net 7. There was a list of miles stones posted not too long ago on a separate forum. Things are happening but it could easily be another 2 months before DBC integration is complete. Then there will be internal testing, test net 7 and Fleming confirmed. I’m thinking 6 months minimum. I’ve supported this project for 5 years and tracked progress for two of those years. More has happened in this last year than ever before (in terms of substance) and it feels closer to completion. The team is more focused than they ever have been, there’s just work to be done and most of the big brain thinking is over. I wouldn’t lose hope at this stage.


We use AT2 model to make DBCs actually work. So the AT2 part was important then transition to full DBC then the additional work to hide values (commitments and bulletproofs) then hide owners via blind sigs, then make clients write spentbook to allow transactions to be restarted etc.

Yes, otherwise we would have a testnet :wink:

I agree :smiley:

Yes, serisoulsly we are not working on not delivering :confused:

Every day :confused:

I would not worry about that, the guys ain’t no morons :smiley:

That minimum point is a secure, reliable and upgradable network. Serious some folk may believe we had a working network and never launched it, but we have not been there yet. We did get hugely distracted and that’s on us, bu no more and I hope the updates show that.

I certainly hope so, but that is like the dude who said close the patent office, all ideas are now found. It’s just daft :wink:

Anyway folks I really hope we see the network now and with Ae/Section chains and DBC’s with CRDT data types we are in a really good place, not a simple to just throw it out place, but a good place. Stick in cause we are.