Update 15 September, 2022

And if I was a software developer, I would develop programs, that has purpose-build “bugs” in them, that a user could banish by banging the keyboard harder, throwing the phone, yelling at the device etc. That’s what good UX would be like :joy:


I think we are on to something :thinking::joy:


Perhaps the team should publish the highest priority development items for the next 6-12 months.


Way off-topic, but I remember when years ago a friend of mine told how he really doesn’t like household chores, except beating rugs, because there you can use physical power in a way that is so rare nowadays.

:thinking: Maybe the random seed for your keys to your safe could be generated by shaking your phone (violently). There could be some grains floating in the display, and the more force you use, the longer and faster they float around after you shake. Or maybe you brake an image of a vase on your display by shaking. …aaand then your key is ready.

Hmm… I am actually getting half serious here. Some kind of funny twist could be a nice touch from marketing point of view, cryptography and security is always so damn serious… I propose everything else is put aside immediately in favor of this :laughing:


Splitting firewood and clearing snow are best chores, you use your power and instantly see mountain of results :slight_smile:

Nice idea, not sure there is enough randomness in shaking but could be fun thing to do in the setup process.


I can’t wait to shake my Alienware desktop.