Update 14 October, 2021

Reminds of race condition.

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Thanks Josh.

I left a comment on the PR. It would be great if we could maybe have a try at providing the ssh keys with some automation rather than just documenting it. Have left some more details in the PR.

Feel free to ask questions in the testnet tool thread.




Great to hear that cli and api are now merged! I’m not sure if there is still a need for CLI GUI but this definitely helps in making it more stable for the general user.


Individuals can be targeted no matter what though.

Do you mean that usernames won’t be used to login to accounts? I’ve always felt that requiring a username is pointless if you have an acceptable password (which could easily incorporate one’s usual username too).

This is true. If you hash a password and used that as a location name (username) then it’s as secure as your password as hash is not reversible. However the username allows change of password, but again that’s also doable with NRS and the like where the reserved name can change owner. So Safe is a bit different and should be IMO.


I have a very basic Kubernetes setup running on my local machine right now and about to feed it some logs from a local baby-fleming
Then Im going to attempt to add to the cluster and see what security issues arise. All going well I’d like to discuss how that could best be hosted on the existing DO droplets. Remembering of course that this has to integrate with your CI/CD pipeline


Cool, sounds like you’re making good progress. Let’s continue discussion about it in the testnet tool thread.

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Thank you for the heavy work team MaidSafe! I add the translations in the first post :dragon:

Privacy. Security. Freedom


If cross platform issues are genuinely slowing development and testing, I don’t think anyone would resent targeting one platform initially. If Linux can be that target docket containers or VMs could be used to give broader access on other OS.

My thoughts previously were that this wasn’t a huge issue at this stage. From the comments above, it sounds like it may be more of a thorn in the side.


It’s not impeding us as much as it seems. The underlying libs like quinn and tokio take most of that away, but now all of it. It’s not a worry too much though.


Careful Traktion, dangerous territory. I suggested this very thing as one of my first few posts in 2017 and was shouted down by the forum community.


@dirvine @Josh how much percent of maidsafe is completed? No offense :pray:

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None taken. I would not know how to answer that though. Features in place ~99% (we need to work out farming with a privacy currency), features in code ~99%, features integrated into Safe 95%. How many bugs left, who knows?

I am not even sure what the question means to be fair, what would the actual difference in time to launch. The phrase 90% of effort in the last 10% is close to true.

There’s the answer and we know as much as we did before the question :wink:


Seems from the outside that the main feature work is on the token - farming, spending, etc. It was one thing to say lets have a token and do this & that, but more work to implement it. To make it really anon, farming rewards fairly, spending it, and make it so its not sluggish.

Needs to be done though and important to get workable.


Well done on the progress, it sounds like you feel you can see more daylight now.


It’s getting there @joshuef last night did a thing! that cut messages down from circa 35,000 to 500 and indications on some runs we can get from 60,000 messages to approx 32, that allows cleaner logs, more efficiency and seeing more light. The guys have really pushed hard at this one and it’s paying off.


Would that be the AE back off?

Whatever it was, that’s a helluva optimization! Great work being done.


It’s a mix, but a big part is using a backoff mechanism when nodes are busy, so resend but with exponential delays (like CSMACD in ethernet). Mixing with Ae updates and we are giving nodes a chance. A nice thing though to see we could send so many messages so quickly :slight_smile: although we shouldn’t do that.


I’m guessing this could reduce memory utilisation which was one of the puzzling features of the public testnets. An amazing optimisation regardless.


It is why blockchain cant solve the problem! :slight_smile:

Thanks team!

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