Update 14 April, 2022

Several reasons. Elders need to see inputs parent DBC is spent. They see that to sign the mint request.

However, we do a neat trick (this is easily overlooked). We have the client write the spentbook too. So the transaction already has the client’s authority, and the input DBC is spent by the client. That means groups of elders can sign as many times as they wish as the transaction contains the output DBC’s (and that is reflected also in the spentbook). This means the client is responsible for the tight sync, and all we need is a network that holds data permanently. We got that :wink:


Hat off the team. Hello DBC world.


Thanks @Sotros25 @SwissPrivateBanker @BambooGarden and @maidsafe !

I was wondering if there are already projects starting from the bamboogarden fund?

Also, is SNAPP and the browser still on the table or is this for after launch? @JimCollinson


Happy to help! :smile:

Just to reiterate, eMAID did not draw from the BGF. That being said, there are (potential) BGF projects / initiatives in the works.


Very much this!

I like it! Noun + noun. :wink:


Going to reply here because I dont want to be a downer in that thread.

but it is not a statement in an official manner regarding accepting eMaid.

It is a one way conversion which makes it so much more important that Maidsafe explicitly and formally state that they will honor eMaid.
Soton linked a comment in a thread and that is far from sufficient in my opinion when very large amounts of money is at stake.


Good news!

Well done all involved in getting the eMaid stuff together.

While I’m never that bothered about what’s happening with the token price, 'cause I’m just looking forward to the network going live, I’m guessing more trading volume will raise the project profile again.


Beautiful job, folks—thanks as always for these updates!

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So much happening all at once; eMAID, DBCs, listing sites etc. Far beyond my expectations, amazing work! :smiley:


I think DBCs are a very important innovation in asset transfer. So, I am very interested in DBCs. Thx @maidsafe team and all.


Spentbook? Spend Book? Spendbook?

Personally, I like spendbook because the “db” reminds me of “database”, as in some type of record/ledger system.


Sounds like music !


Thx 4 the update Maidsafe devs

Great to see wallet APIs and CLI merged into Maidsafe:main so quick. Can’t wait to see DBCs on the SAFE Network :crazy_face: :exploding_head:

:clap: :clap: :clap: @Sotros25, @SwissPrivateBanker I will donate, but it will take time, @Bamboogarden

Keep hacking super ants


If a section and therefore its mint is compromised, can other sections audit the mint and correct the record across the whole network?


It really depends what you mean by launch. Often it’s thought of as a big bang where everything is up and running at in one go, but it’s most likely to be a staged thing, where a testnet gets on its feet and stays there, and then groups of features are added, or become accessible over a period, and then it becomes a beta etc.

I guess the closest you might think of as a single launch point might be the genesis SNT supply being created. So yes it’s highly likely that client apps will come after this point. But as I say, it’s not a clear before/after, and there are lots of parallel strands.


is there somewhere documented how genesis will play through? will maidsafe do the genesis and then forward the snt to the maid/eMaid owners? and what happens to the rest of snt, will it be available to buy somehow?

Well there have been two scenarios suggested.

  1. the original give out 10% to MAID holders and reserve 5% for investors. The rest is held by the network (somehow) as buffer for paying farmers. This means the network is not working as hand to mouth finance.

  2. the other was to give all to those 10% MAID and 5% reserve for investors. IE the 15% becomes 100% in proportion. This means the network is running hand to mouth and farmers are paid directly from payments received for storing. Each section pays from what it received and could mean variations between sections due to differences in what they receive, but should not be an issue in the long run as it would average out I’d expect.

David suggested in a recent post that the network will be paying farmers from payments for resources.


That’s actually there subject of one of the whitepapers we are currently drafting (as a revision/replacement for the existing Safecoin paper), which will be available for you all to give input on via the RFC process in due course.


Thank you for the heavy work team MaidSafe! I add the translations in the first post :dragon:

Privacy. Security. Freedom


I read this and thought: Yeah a lot of the tech SAFE uses isn’t necessarily new (some of it is new, cutting edge even, but not all) but is just very obscure and not talked about much. I mean SAFE itself predates Bitcoin but it didn’t really take off until crypto came on the scene. Then there’s the DHT which again, only some math and code geeks have probably heard about and some other such things. I mean if I try to talk to people and try to explain SAFE to someone it gets really difficult because I have to explain a lot of these really obscure (granted very cool) underlying concepts that set it apart. Like the DHT tech, as opposed to using blockchain tech, really sets SAFE apart all by itself, but then when you pile the self encryption tech and things like DBCs then the possibilities really start to get interesting.

Oh so that’s what RFC stands for…