Update 11 January, 2024

Two joyous announcements this week. One you know about already - the listing of eMaid on a new exchange, BitMart. @AJ_MS and @JimCollinson have been pulling out all the stops to get this up and running, and so far so good, with the caveat that some US users report having issues. We’re looking at that right now.

The other fantastic bit of news is the arrival of a new MaidSafer :trumpet:. Jason brings a raft of valuable experience to bear, he’s a great fit for the team and is already making himself useful. We’ll let him introduce himself below.

Yes, we know you’re bored uploading the same old files – and failing to upload megalithic LLMs. We’re working hard to bring you new toys to play with, including faucet-less trials and large file capabilities. In the meantime though, while it’s rough around the edges and grumpy under duress and perhaps a little dull, the testnet is at least pretty stable and has provided some valuable learnings.

We also realise the faucet has been a pain. Basically what’s happening is performance bottlenecks leading to slower than expected operations, the wallet not handling these slow operations properly, throwing errors, and unconfirmed transactions then leading to problems. So the root cause is small chunks not being verified fast enough, and that’s what we’re digging into now.

And we are now encrypting all data via self encryption. Thanks to all who engaged in the discussion around that.

Special thanks to Thomas Markiewicz for his improvements to our sn_registers crate.

Welcome Jason

Hello everyone, My name is Jason and I’m from South Wales, UK. I’ve been writing back-end code and developing systems for a while. Either in Kotlin, Java, or Rust.

When I’m not busy I enjoy playing online games (Mostly Dayz, or Lethal Company at the moment). I’ve worked in many countries in the past, such as Germany, Switzerland, and China. It’s nice to be back home here in the UK, but I really didn’t miss the weather. :smile:
It’s great to be part of the MaidSafe team and I really look forward to developing a lot of neat features for you all in the future!

General progress

Qi_ma has been churning out PRs as per usual, notable among them one to refactor the client upload flow. This has been refactored to make it more parallelized, for which early testing has shown improvements under load. Another one improves the performance of chunk verification queries.

In associated work, @roland made some improvements to prevent the wallet skipping over unconfirmed transactions, part of fixing faucet server failures, and a PR to speed up downloads, reporting an impressive (up to) 2X improvement.

@anselme was busy debugging issues with concurrent register writes, and digging into alternative security approaches balancing lightweight gossip protocols against having all nodes build a DAG to check everything. The optimal approach will lie somewhere between these two.

Together with @chriso, @bzee has been working on testnet-deploy, debugging some Ansible errors and getting RPC working properly. It still needs a bit of polish but they have been able to up a testnet without any errors. The idea is to make it all remotely manageable, including the ability to do seamless upgrades.

@bochaco submitted a PR to support building and signing transfers to a watch-only wallet, taking the encoded unsigned transfer into an offline hot-wallet to sign it, and finally returning to the watch-only wallet to broadcast the signed transfer to the network. He’s now working on CLI commands to support this functionality.

@Jason_Paul has dived straight in, improving the documentation and making the testnet setup use platform-agnostic commands.

@JimCollinson and @AJ_MS have been toiling away on the BitMart exchange listing, for eMaid and are pretty pleased with the way it’s gone so far.

@Joshuef and @qi_ma have been looking at performance bottlenecks as nodes fill up. As well as general slowing down of the network, these are implicated in the faucet failures. Josh also submitted a PR to improve the public/private data functionality introduced in the last testnet.

And on @mav’s suggestion, @dirvine has revisited the self-encryption design and removed the minimum chunk size, so now even very small files will be encrypted in chunks. David’s also been tinkering with his little community of LLMs. World domination is surely just around the corner (or “soon”).

Useful Links

Feel free to reply below with links to translations of this dev update and moderators will add them here:

:russia: Russian ; :germany: German ; :spain: Spanish ; :france: French; :bulgaria: Bulgarian

As an open source project, we’re always looking for feedback, comments and community contributions - so don’t be shy, join in and let’s create the Safe Network together!


First!! After a looong time…

Edit after reading:
Welcome @Jason_Paul and thanks for the great progress to the whole team (LLMs included)!!!


First time first??? O…no… :grimacing: I took too long to write this post! :rofl:

Jason, welcome aboard! Congratulations to the team for getting Jason and the valuable corrections in SN, great job!
Thank you @happybeing and all the testers for your work and constructive discussion on full chunk encryption. :point_left: :ok_hand: :blush:


Man, not even 2nd. This sucks!

Great job team, what a year it has been already. I’m feeling it’s only getting better from here. Keep at it, team; you’re all doing amazing work.

Welcome to the team Jason, it’s amazing to see the team expanding at this stage of the project. We’re getting closer and closer! ← It looks like this is the “much bigger, non-exchange related” news you’ve been mentioning David, or is there something else still brewing in the background?




There are lots of things brewing!


I’ll drink to that!!!

But seriously, thank you for an excellent update, a warm welcome to Jason and thank you to all the team who are chipping away away at all the “stoppers”. Seems like there is really solid progress happening, looking forward to testing the new features.
The work from @JimCollinson and @AJ_MS on BitMart is very welcome and I hope they won’t stop there.


Welcome Jason, good to see new faces! And big shoutout for making the eMAID listing on BitMart work.


Thx 4 the update Maidsafe devs

Welcome Jason, super to have another super ant join.

:clap: :clap: :clap:

:clap: :clap: :clap:

Devs, testers and community keep hacking super ants :beers: :beer: :partying_face:


Thanks so much to the entire Maidsafe team for all of your hard work! :horse_racing:

And to our volunteer testers who work on the testnets! :horse_racing:

And welcome to the team Jason!


Btw u have in thread 2023 year…

When we could wait anyway audit? Thx


Thanks to all the team for there amazing work last year and looking forward to seeing this all come together in the near future :grin:

Here is to 2024


Welcome aboard @Jason_Paul!!

Thanks @Maidsafe for getting this far with so many obstacles!!!

Thanks Thomas! I love seeing things like this!



Welcome Jason! Great work team! Full steam ahead in 2024.


yes! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


oh! happy 2024 for the whole team of course :kissing_heart:


So much so you’ve had to join the Brewer’s guild.

@Jason_Paul Welcome. I am sure your stay as part of the dev team will be a fruitful one indeed.


After 10 years following maidsafe and all you wonderful posters/contributors to the cause. It feels like it’s finally happening!

I cannot wait to spin up some nodes, and contribute! And I’ve got access to some big ass servers and storage facilities. I’m just a bit lame in the tech side of things :hot_face:

Love you all. And happy New year all :kissing_heart:


Great update team, thanks to all and for all the efforts. Interesting teasers this month. I suppose the break gave most some time to think about where things are going.

I predict that 2024 is going to see the reinvention of the Internet!

For the “Evil Dead” fans out there who hear this phrase everytime they hear the word “mart”. :laughing:

How was the micro-chunk self-encryption issue solved? Clever padding trick or something else?

Cheers :beers: