Update 11 August, 2022

soon I hope, I don’t have date of last one.

Believe the last Testnet was ~ April 2021?


Really thorough update, thank you!

Still one thing I’d like to hear about is the work you have done in pruning and prioritizing the different kinds of messages of the network. But I’m in no hurry with this at all. I have just been spying in Github and noticing how this area has been subject to many changes, fine tunings etc.

It might also be an interesting way to describe the network - in terms of the traffic. What kind of traffic it creates to just keep itself going, how is this different from user initiated requests, how these two are balanced, how they affect each other, what other kinds of traffic there is… What are all the things that happen in between the nodes, clients etc?

Just a thought, and only when you are not too busy. I mean, my spying has also revealed, that you have been very busy indeed. Working long hours and in weekends too. Thank you for doing all that. And take care to not exhaust yourself!


Or in general - in terms of resource usage - CPU, RAM, disk, network.
Also it is interesting to understand how resource usage will correlate with rewards - will user be rewarded at least somehow proportionally to resources, which he will provide to network? How it will be possible to optimize reward amounts?


What happens when node becomes full?
Will it still receive payments for authorisation?



Half way there, or half way to never? Looks like always half full, if it is a cup, which is a normal amount for any software, as any software is never all the way there, ever… just wait for the next update, for any software… we are almost there…


I think you mean registers/merkle trees etc. The notion here is you pay for the container. It can have many events in it, but you only pay for the container itself, I.e. you pay the first store, but not updates to that data item. Chunks however are just chunks (parts created by self-encrypt being the most common)


I’ve been watching this project for the past 7 years. It seems certain that the development towards the launch is being completed faster than ever, but if you are in a hurry, it it good to look at yourself whether it is because of your personal situation.

P.S. Let’s enjoy this last calm mode. :slight_smile:


Good to see progress on the SNT issuance and a potential solution to the issuance of the 70% without POW (of any sort)

Whats to stop a mod to the client code to keep the whole of this DBC passed back to it?

And i won’t repeat the questions @happybeing said which he beat me to (by 12 hours LOLOL), EDIT: which I see were basically answered


So if I upload tiny.mp3, a 5sec clip of me playing the moothie, then update tiny mp3 so it is now a triple album, how do I get charged?


I’m talking about data, which is required for financial mechanisms to work.
Equivalent of blockchain. There were discussions about spentbook some time ago. Not sure if this idea changed since then.
@Southside got the idea correctly:

There should be something which limits resource usage.


Ah, that data is free to store, if you mean the side effect of transactions? i.e. SpentBook etc.

The new data is new chunks and is a new store cost for that. Your old mp3 is still there. If you point to them via a register, i.e. DNS like then the cost of updating your “DNS” is zero as you paid to store the DNS container. Hope that makes sense.


So no charge for mutating a Register? That doesn’t seem right.


Charging for each update would mean each element carries another section key + sig (so a 32 bye field requires 96bytes of authority). It also makes updates much slower as elders need to sign.

Given that it seems that the container costs 1Mb and caps at 1 Mb, any further updates requires us to “link” registers.


Interesting update! Looks like some big nails are being hammered in now. I’m guessing … just guessing … and my guesses are almost always wrong on this point … but maybe … as a broken clock is right twice a day, just maybe … we will get to beta within a year from now! … there! I said it! lol

Great work team. Keep hammering!


Thx 4 the update Maidsafe devs

Super exiting to read “finalising”, this is coming together so nicely. Hopefully soon we’ll have another testnet to play with all these goodies

Keep hacking super ants


Okay to sum up I am not understanding this whole thing clearly. Too many of the terms are being used interchangably and the logic of why this is being done is unclear. Where has the other 30% gone anyway? A new DBC is created to be minted and then voted on and split collectively? For what purpose? Sorry this is all getting very confusing. The farming system I understood but this is downright confusing. Where are the SNT coming from and where are they going. Please explain from the top.

The other 30% are already accounted for - they go to specific parties as per the original distribution. These 70% are the reserve DBC-SNT that will be released by the network over time.

What is being discussed and worked upon here is the method for performing that distribution.

See: https://safenetforum.org/t/rfc-0061-safe-network-token-distribution/

For more information. But TLDR, nothing has really changed from the original, just methods of making it all work/function/happen.


Thank you for the heavy work team MaidSafe! I add the translations in the first post :dragon:

Privacy. Security. Freedom


I like this a lot. Satisfies decentralization and provides an opportunity for fair participation to everyone (if the schedule is extended far into the future, it’ll be a resource that even future generations can mine). Hopefully questions around security and abuse prevention can be addressed to allow for its implementation.