Upcoming semester project

You are very luck to be studying at the moment.
I think the SAFENetwork project is a really great opertunity for you to have a very interesting project to work on.

I wonder if anyone here can send over some ideas to you that could mutually benefit you and the project. At the very least, educating yourself with a project based on SAFENetwork technology will at least make you very employable, or put you in the right place to go freelance. I have a feeling a lot of companies will want to be on the SAFENetwork.

Edit : When is your project start date?
If the next test network is up and running, take your pick mate!!

The next DTwitter

The next DContent Management System

DSearch Engine ( want to be the next DGoogle? This could be quite a challenging project)

DChess? Someone here recently mentioned this. It’s a good computer project, on the one hand coding a chess AI is great way to demonstrate algorithm skills, but building it on top of the future Internet… Phew… Top marks.


Most definitely. In my programme I have to complete a project every semester that counts for half the ECTS credits, and you’re free to choose whatever topic you like as long as it’s within the semester topic. The next one will be Network Security & Cryptography, so that’s why I’ve been looking at blockchain technology and now the SAFE Network.

My idea is to build an application for online voting / elections (could also just be something like Strawpoll). As this is a very sensitive topic for security, I initially thought that blockchain would be a good idea. But the scalability and other factors aren’t great with blockchains, especially when there could be millions of people trying to vote on one day, theoretically, of course.

I’m still trying to build the tutorial application and figure out how it works, so I have no idea if that will even work yet :smiley:. So any suggestions are of course very welcome. It’s very nice to see that many people interact on here and are friendly. It really sounds like an amazing project and I hope it succeeds.

And the start date is next month, after that I have time until Christmas to complete a project.