UNU.AI Swarm Intelligence

Anybody here heard of UNU?


Ive been following it for a while now, it’s very interesting.

Seems like a perfect app for SAFE Net.

@whiteoutmashups surely you can build something like this?

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Yeah could make a real basic version where you ask a ? and people answer for 24 hours and then it shows a bar graph of the answers at the end.

Wouldn’t be hard, simple and cool idea!

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That’s more of a poll.

They specifically make decisions in a live setting by pushing and pulling on these magnets to try and influence their swarm and they only have a certain amount of time to do it in.

I also think adding user weight values would be an added idea because based on the topic you will have people who are experts in said topic as well as people that historically answer correct more often.

Yeah I still think a graph would do though. Accounts could have extra voting power like you said depending on history or diplomas etc but in the end pushing and pulling the weights is just like a poll except you don’t show the asker all the info; only where the magnet landed.

I guess you could hide the info from the asker like unu.ai does and just show them the final average answer but if I was going to spend time making it on SAFE, I would go by SAFE principles and at least allow people to see everything, and then hide information as they wish. I think that’s a core principle of SAFE.

I’m definitely open to it though and sounds fun to ask questions to many people at once and get an answer. I think SafeCoin could play an obvious part in this :slight_smile: speeding up answers etc, while others earn money for providing answers

Nope. This is very different to a poll.

Read this http://unu.ai/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Crowds-Vs-Swarms-SHBI2016-Final-PDF-confirmed-by-IEEE.pdf

and this http://unu.ai/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Three-Reasons-Why-Swarm-Intelligence-Trumps-Polls-and-Focus-Groups.pdf

You know what else is a funny little coincidence? Their little UI for their live swarm is the same shape as the logo on this site also they talk a lot about swarm intelligence and David talks of ant colony intelligence which I think is just another way of calling it collective intelligence AKA swam intelligence.

hmm well thx for that in-depth info lol guess I’m done here :stuck_out_tongue:

I still might do it one day. sounds fun

A bit like the Augur platform?

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Sorry lol. I think SAFE is perfect for UNU.ai

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