Unofficially - SAFEbook

Good day everyone,
I have finally found some free time, and I want to start contributing too
I have already made a really rough PoC, you can login/add people/chat etc. everything a normal social engine would have

I will upload it within few days, you can let me know what you think then :wink:

I’m welcoming any developers interested in helping me with those one

P.S. I was also thinking about joining with, already in the making, SAFE app Store which could also have apps for this SAFEbook

Feel free to chuck any ideas, logos anything really :wink:


I think any facebook substitute that want’s to be successful MUST have one killer feature:
It needs to be able to sync with your facebook account and pull in all the feeds and pages from there. People don’t want to stop seeing their friends’ posts and send messages to them. If the switch to another platform still allows them to be in touch with facebook, they will be much more likely to migrate.
If this is not done, safebook will be doomed to stay geekbook.


Can’t wait to see! Will you do anything token related for up votes or “attention” as synereo does with amps? If you haven’t happened to have heard about synereo, I highly suggest checking them out.

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Absolutely , pulling in the data would a be way to go for a lot of people ;
my tip is , if it does not work doing it straight away … , design it to work
with the backup every fb user can download upon request … it’ll help :ant:

I can see the value of pulling in contacts possibly but pulling/syncing everything seems to encourage a like-for-like social network, and whilst there is undoubtably lots to learn from Facebook, there’s also lots you don’t want or could improve upon.


I think you can and should still offer new and better features for contacts that are in the safe network. But people will not switch, even if safebook is better (because facebook is good enough for them) unless they can stay in touch with their backward-minded friends.


Thanks @Nigel and @000
I actually didn’t quite think about this part yet :wink:
I think it’s very possible to have some kind of sync with facebook, I need to think about it more how I can intergrate it successfully. Although, what stops a user to have another “browser” opened with clearnet all the stuff they need in it? :slight_smile:


Would be very glad to!

SAFEbook is an idea I’ve been promoting for a while, ever since the Potential Apps websites so I’m very glad to see it coming into existence! Let me know what you need!

And feel free to make a post for it on our mockup app store for a little added publicity :slight_smile: (and you could use it as your project’s temporary home page)

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SAFEbook would be radically different in my opinion, because SAFE is a radically different system.

I think what would be most effective is to utilize all the tools and options that SAFE specifically gives, to simply create a user-friendly interface for users to speak to each other.

Even in a very very simple form, this would be an incredibly killer-app, as 100% end-to-end encrypted communication still barely exists anywhere.

Just make a very simple version, and keep it very clean with SAFE code (proper use of ID’s etc) and see it take off like no other.

Just my 2 SC :slight_smile:

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Synereo will have a migrate from Facebook feature that would definitely give you a good idea of what the competition is up to, just an FYI. But we’re pulling for ya, the more the merrier! :smile: