Unofficial Maidsafe Flyers

Who here has some design experience and would like to tackle the task of making some informative/visually appealing flyers that we could use to garner interest in this amazing project? @goindeep just reminded me of the need for something that we should have begun drafting at least a year ago. :confused:

Let’s begin designing this thing already. I know of many tech groups and universities in my area that could really enjoy this tech. Make it happen! We can do both graphics and the briefing segment simultaneously. Remember, lets keep the terminology dead simple. It would be nice to hand it to most people without much worry that it will go too far above their head. :wink:

Is there preexisting content that we can use as a springboard? Something that’ll look good both in color and black & white. @BambooGarden , @neo , @Artiscience , you three are the very first that come to mind when I think of great art design relating to SAFE. You in? Sorry if I left out any other amazing artists. :innocent:

EVERYONE is welcomed!!!


What is your idea of the timeframe to get things from idea … to … production … to … handing them out

To my way of thinking, preparation is good, but it is not time to actually be handing out flyers to general public.

Have you looked at the assets page for safe.

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I’m thinking June or July completion. After ALPHA 2 has gained traction and a few example apps are out. By then 3 party development should be in full swing and if things go well we should be very close to ALPHA 3. The purpose of these fliers is not only to promote awareness but to also recruit some volunteer engineers for speedy development and maybe take on CEP’s or Bounties. The more involved the better IMO. :smiley:


My idea about the structure.

Something like:

What is this? Why should I care?

The internet is undergoing somewhat of an overhaul in the form of a new network called the SAFEnet. Yada yada blah.

SAFEnet (insert SAFEnet logo here)

SAFE is the result of over a decade of research and development. It’s purpose is restore the privacy and freedom of today’s internet users while simultaneously making personal or large data theft impossible. Yada yada.

The currency (insert SAFEcoin logo here)

SAFEnet uses a native currency called safecoin. It has many purposes. Most notably it allows users to store their precious data on SAFEnet for as long as they wish paying only once. These coins can easily be earned by sharing some of your unused hard drive space. Over time SAFEnet will reward you more and more. Yada yada.

The company behind it all (insert Maidsafe logo here)

<= Maybe we should exclude this section altogether?

There are two Maidsafe. One the non profit established by the creator himself David Irvine. The second is a for-profit company bearing the same name. The non profit holds defensive patents for various systems of the network. This was required to prevent patent trolls from stealing tech and call it there own. Happens all the time unfortunately. With these patents the non-profit can prevent anyone including themselves from trying to stop true internet freedom and security. The way the for-profit company will earn income by Yada Yada…


I think @Artiscience started on some a while back?

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What about making a separate one to attract developers … those are needed now! :wink: and could go into CS departments around the globe … need translations too.


I agree.

Do drop off at IT areas and IT, coding, computer science, networking related classes at Universities. You just leave the flyers on the desks as well as notice boards.

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Anyone here have any ideas about what should be included in the technical overview? Some preexisting content or rough draft?

@neo Do you have non svg version of those assets?

I need these:

I can convert those for you … what do you want - png’s? What resolution and what dimensions?

Png and 2k resolution would be nice. I need the network, safecoin, and safenet brand logo. Thanx in advance!

I’ve uploaded them here … but not sure if they were resized by the forum software (doesn’t look like they were). if you PM me your email address i will send them directly. Let me know if there are any problems.


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The structure of maidsafe itself is friggen genius. Its a self proof organization, it in is organization mirrors to a large degree SAFE itself.

HI all.

Below list of service providers for Flyer distribution to the perfect places such as Universities and areas where they have lots of programming and network students.

Fiverr, University of Pittsburgh

Fiverr, university of Sydney
Fiverr, University of South Australia
Fiverr, University of Louisville
Fiverr, University of Gottingen
Fiverr, California
Fiverr, University of Arizona
Fiverr, San Diego College Campus
Fiverr, 10000 student collages
Fiverr, Philadelphia area
Fiverr, Throughout Ohio
Fiverr, Starbucks
Fiverr, university in Brazil

Carnegie Mellon on Campus Advertising

Poster Distribution Services Berkeley

There are many many more…

In terms of the flyer I would keep it to a one page flyer directed at programming, networking, computer science and web development students.

I am no copywriter but i’d work on ways to make the message stand out and grab the reader instantly, there are various ways to achieve this one way is rejection copy. Your not good enough for us, we are elite type of thinking. See below, again im not a designer or copywriter but I would angle it this way or similar.

Is there a maidsafe page somewhere that gives an overview for developers and also links to developer assets - e.g. api’s, etc. ?? Such a page might be a great URL to have on the flyer IMO.

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Yeah of course, that’s as easy as 123 really not hard at all that part.

I am thinking a video and a bit of text with the most important information and then how to get started.

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