Unlimited secret bribes funding puppets and puppet media vs nationalism

It was fine for the money worshipers when domestic corporations cold buy law. It was less fine when it was foreign corporations that might not even be multi nationals. But they don’t like the idea of Russia purchasing laws in their country or being able to pay to install its puppets. We are supposed to trust Goldman’s puppets but not Russia. The creators of this equal opportunity puppetry couldn’t see this coming.

The Washington Post is an utter piece of sht.

Sponsored media is such utter trash and sponsorship (mass aggregate censorship in practice) is the heart of the problem, it means a bought and paid for propaganda based media. If you get paid for lying to the public about the public interest you must got to jail for a very long time. Its a rule. Its like getting paid to tell people who are running around in a dark smoke filled room trying to escape a fire to run in the direction of the fire for money.