Unknown fund donating 75 million in startups in anonymity ideas

I think Maidsafe should definitely apply!


Nice fund for couple of SAFE Apps…

Maybe a few community members can throw them links our way and send them the SAFE Network Primer. Even if just $1 million of the $75 came this direction that would be huge. Then again idk if I want MaidSafe too funded, don’t want them thinking about anything other than development right now :laughing: .

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Anonymity is so important because its a solid check on fraud. What sane person would want Boris and Donald doing ‘deals.’ We don’t want deals because this is corruption that it supposed to sell out and screw over everyone else in a way that is binding and ratchets down with precedent and familiarity. These people have anti qualifications, they lack wisdom and lack insight and they lack requisite intellect and they lack requisite knowledge and they lack ethics, they lack competence, they aren’t even respectible as figures. Their main anti qualification is corruption or weakeness. The solution to the problem such people pose is sunshine and day light and transparency. With the right amount of transparency states are stripped of their ill-gotten secrets and the corrupt are stripped of their power and stripped of the ability to perpetuate corruption. This is why the Trump admin is so hell bent on trying to find and make an example of a person exercising anonmity because just the prospect of it destroys their potential future capacity to perpetrate more wrong doing it makes them useless to their puppet masters and exposes their handlers.

Look at the spectacle in the US its like Russia is accused of doing to the US and Ukrane what the US did in pitting Iraq and Iran against each other with Iran Contra. Its like Russia is running Regan’s Iran contra on the US. And a key to what made this possible was bribery based (‘sponsored’) media. The stupidest thing in the world is people paying subscriptions to media noise and censorship outlets that are already captured by sponsorship with ads.

Missouri Law professor Frank Bowen just tried to argue that bribing over a parking ticket by a ‘president’ wouldn’t be impeachable. It sure as hell would be impeachable under any sane interpretation. We need these people held to a higher standard. What was his logic that we have to accept a culture of bribery, lies and corruption? That’s the slippery slope. Its interesting that the constitution names bribery- always a felony even in just an attempting it and misdemeanors like low crimes also- so even offences that aren’t felonies are impeachable

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Ya this project really deserves some kind of grant. I was random Wikipedia clicking last night and ended up reading about this Ontario video game studio that basically survived for 10 years on millions in grants then went under when those ran out lol. If something like that deserves multi-million grants for sure this project does!

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I’ve sent them an email.
Everyone else should too.
Now with no marketing team. Go for it.
Hit the apply button, it just goes to an email.


Do we know if they are serious? I’am just a little cautious. :slightly_smiling_face: Any info about them?


I thought about that too but what’s there too be cautious about. SAFE is an open source project anyone can learn about. It’s in the public realm already.

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ya I would just really do some diligence if they do indeed hit you back like “hey hey hey we have decided to give your project 1 million dollars.” If we don’t hear anything it was prolly legit lol. I do think we would have a chance at being selected by a legit grant though. Just if the answers no then who cares, if yes, time to really research them!


Not sure if this is pure anonymous style…

“Soon we will create a blog page where you can contribute with a story or news about data privacy, anonymity, cryptocurrency, blockchain, bitcoin, and even about your project, if it is not so promotional. Not all stories will be published, only quality ones, text should be unique. We believe it will help you to spread your words to a wider audience. To contribute, just send us a link to google doc with your article.”

Maidsafe network