Unity multiplayer video game

Hello, I am new to the the safe network and was interested in it because I am learning how to use the Unity game creation engine and would like to build a game that is able to be multiplayer but will not require me to maintain and host a server. I would like for the players to be able to create new games that others can join and have the information transfer be automated in a way that makes cheating impossible/difficult. Has any one here developed anything on Unity that is using the Safe Network who may be able to give me some pointers or study-resources?


Some have declared an interest in multiplayer games on SAFE so maybe they are around and will jump in. I’m not aware of any work on this myself.

In the mean time I think you can start to get an understanding of SAFE and the different techniques you might use for different features.

For example, if privacy were not an issue, you can use SAFE to help users connect and then communication directly via TCP/IP.

You can use SAFE to store user configuration and game state.

The hardest part I would think will be maintaining and propagating game state and transactions between gamers, but I’m only speculating there so don’t read much into what I say, and I don’t know anything about Unity.

So to kick off I think try SAFE out, then some code tutorials, ask questions, read the https://primer.safenetwork.org/ etc. I think you will find plenty of interest in such a project here, and the community is always ready to help people who want to learn.

Good luck!