Unity 2/3d on safe..?

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I talked to a friend of mine some days ago and he was very excited about /r/Unity3D and /r/Unity2D =O sounds like a pretty mighty project to me

… If he did know it correctly the libraries are written in c# what would match pretty good to ‘The C# API has been progressing well.’ (the last dev update) =O

The safe network could be used for initial contact of the players and making the handshake on exchanging the keys for an encrypted connection - the data connection between 2 (or more) players could then run through an external server where the session can be initialized with known encryption keys, the server provider could charge the players in safecoin for his service and he would be the only one who the IP addresses of the players - while not knowing the content of their data stream session and only routing the traffic.

There could be many server providers, the players of a session could choose the one with the best rate / bandwidth

What do you think? Possible or too complicated …? Has someone worked with unity before?

Link to Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/safenetwork/comments/7rxua5/unity_23d_on_safe/

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Could be a market place for data streams of all kinds of data if you think about it :thinking:

Handshake on safe - data through external providers - the market place gets a little sugar for their service and to ensure integrity - the rest is handled through the external provider (even the server details for the connection of the participants are negotiated on the safe platform - so the platform on safe doesn’t know which server those connections will run over in the next step)