Understand if-how Parsec solves this problem, please explain/describe Parsec

Sometimes maidsafe guys are too indulgent of repeated negative questioning from @anon94252342

Can’t be imagine how draining that must be. Please @anon94252342 - how would you feel if your work performance was being continually judged and questioned by an outsider…


Some of the community members are investors, which made this project development possible in the first place. Its fair to ask about the timelines, staff, holidays etc. Some might care more than others, some might show their impatience more than others, some might ask more than others, and sometimes unconfy questions. it doesnt mean that thet dont care or want to harm the development. We all believe in this project, in the people behind it. We all want it to be as transparent as possible, last couple of months we saw many people leaving, investors do notice this and it is worrying. No one outside the organisation know if there is some second bottom for all those changes, its always better to ask, you wont get lost as long as you ask…

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How about you do it like someone who has been taught normal manners. I do not care how that sounds to you, but the way you ask questions does not engender any desire to answer you.

Others have asked the same questions as you do and they do not upset anyone in doing so and do not act like an entitled overlord.


Hey @anon94252342 do you know what’s better than the best cow ever for the bull? A new cow… :wink: So we all have the same mechanism by which dopamine is released. The old is boring, the new is exciting.

I would argue that all the people leaving now have stayed so long precisely because the project is so important. And now they leave because they are sure the project will be completed without them. And people need a new cow even if they had the best cow in the world… :wink:

So @anon86652309 enjoy your new cow!!! You deserve it :stuck_out_tongue:


And all of the staff are now shareholders/investors. There is no shareholder/investor more important that any other and none have dominion over the other. You should not expect to be told staff holidays or when they are sick etc. it is way too much. We all have motivation to succeed. Many of us though go beyond that by a long way.

We would normally have announced Fraser leaving in the update (likely next weeks), but in any case the drive is launch.


My concern is more about the challenges of finding new team members of similar calibre and even then the time it takes to get fully familiar with the network

Anyhow this thread is now getting severely derailed.


Maybe it is a good time to push the Github Sponsor program more aggressively mentioned 1 month ago:

I don’t want to be harsh but the amount of work left before the network first release candidate is huge in terms of time/dev working hours remanining. It would be a win/win for Maidsafe to access this worldwide developers workforce market in order to avoid this kind of inconveniences about devs going in/out the project. We need to remember the development of this project it should never stop in order to upgrade capabilities, fix bugs, etc.


Agreed, perhaps this convo should be moved off to leave the OP points and answers to be not confused.

100% this is always difficult, we are pushing so quickly right now though any new hire would potentially slow us down. We are looking though. I feel the whole network running will make onboarding so much simpler.


After next week we need to get @Cgray and @ustulation to get back onto this as well. It could be very valuable


This is an inexcusable bump and digression on top, but Pierre, who’s responsible for the Twitter redesign? Choke them, choke them, choke them, and come back, find artistic similarities with everyone, and welcome back.

And if it’s you… Same modus operandi, but without coming back :innocent:

Thank you all for your wonderful work with Parsec.

I remember you announced before that an updated version of the Parsec paper is coming out, do you have any update about when it will be?

I posted a non-binary to binary translation question here Parsec/ABA: How do you map ORDERING to binary agreement instances (or other nonbinary value)? . Thanks, Guy


Hi @dirvine @pierrechevalier83 @bart & everyone, any update about when the next revision f the Parsec paper will be published? (I understood it’s undergoing peer review since couple months.) Thanks!!

My guess would be this is at the bottom of MaidSafe’s todo list right now until they start re-working their common coin. Also you are aware that Pierre actually has another job and is not maintaining Parsec or currently involved at any level with MaidSafe development right? As for the other two they are very busy delivering on Fleming.


No update, @Guy.

Like you said, the paper is undergoing peer review and it’s available on Arxiv in the meantime:

This is not in Maidsafe hands or in my hands right now. It’s in the hands of the journal and the academic reviewers.
People at Maidsafe will be notified when there is progress on this, and I’m sure they will bring it up in the forum.


Very interesting. Andreas Flacker and William J Buchanan also participate in the new Whitepaper.

We already know that in a perfect world shouldn’t be important but, in which we live, a name like William J Buchanan greatly increases the chances that the Whitepaper will be published.


Hello, What do you think about TPS of parsec? Can you compare it with existing cosmos tendermint engine?

There is limit about 700TPS for each section, (based on similar limits with other projects, where HW and bandwidth are on limits), but SafeNetwork will have much more sections.

So if someone will spam as much as possible, he will only disturb one section and not whole network.

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Thanks! I’m curious about this ‘section’ too. In cosmos network, each zone( blockchain) has own consensus and status (who owns how many coins). When one zone is compromised due to whatever reasons( hack, software error…) then damage may spill over to other zones who interconnected with it. Is this ‘section’ has a similar problem as cosmos zone? or ‘section’ is cannot be pinpointed unlike cosmos zone? so consequently safer ?

It is difference between an attack as double spent or disturb by spamming.

There is very hard to have more than 1/3 of elders in one section under own control, while not having 1/3 of all elders in whole network, but If someone will have it, he can control the network. The probability is bigger at the start of the SAFEnetwork than anytime later.

If section is only disturbed by spam attack, there could be time-outs, lags etc, but no serious damage.
If you are going to load page and one chunk comes from disturbed section, it will probably takes longer. Some future tests will show.


Curious about where the 700TPS number comes from… got any links for it?