Unabled to update new IP

Hi, I tried to update my new IP address today in invite.maidsafe.net but it show this. Previously it work find but it happens today. Can anybody help?


Hi - what operating system and browser are you using?

Windows 10 and the browser I’ve tired google chrome and firefox…

Hmm yes - it’s hanging for me in Linux / Firefox too Error :: Gateway Timeout. Seems to be something wrong. @maidsafe can you check please?


I can reproduce the error too. Just had a chat with @Krishna and he’s going to be taking a look into it and post an update here once its resolved. Sorry for the hassle


Have sorted this for now by a restart of the server. I am looking into the logs to figure out the reason. Thanks for reporting the issue!


@ictuser96 & all interersted… since this has been resolved I’m going to close the issue.
The server logs weren’t any help but we will note if anything happens again in the future.

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