Unable to upload files with SAFE CLI - Failed to decode the credentials: InvalidMsg

Yes, and it’s an important aspect too.

The CLI needs to be seen in the context of all other apps: SNAPP, Browser, 3rd-party desktop apps, 3rd-party webapps, etc. Thus, use cases would be probably like these:

a- the user has SNAPP installed, and uses SNAP to launch authd and log in to an account from it. This user may launch the browser, a webapp, a desktop app, use the CLI, in all cases this user would probably prefer to allow all the auth reqs coming from these apps from SNAPP

b- Other type of user may prefer to use CLI to login and authorise apps without installing SNAPP, perhaps the user has desktop apps all running in a remove system with a remote authd authorising them, therefore CLI will be used to login and auth those apps through an ssh

d- perhaps the user wants to use SNAPP for log in and allow auth reqs, but wants to run a background job using CLI to keep track of all the requests that authd has seen.

d- …many other combinations/cases…

I think it’s an easy change, the only side effect is about users complaining when a default behavior changed in the future, but I think we still have time to do these type of things without having community to hate us too much :smiley: .


For the short term, CLI users will be capable of setting up an alias that has the option, so I’m inclined to leave the default as it is rather than reverse it later.

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