Unable to run Safe Mail App on OSX

Hello all,

I’m running OSX High Sierra and just downloaded the latest SAFE Browser (not the dev branch) and the SAFE Mail application. I have created my account within the browser and have logged in. However when I open SAFE Mail, I never get an authorization screen in the SAFE Browser, and the email app just loops at “Authorising Application”.

Has anyone run into this before? If I exit the safe browser, and then just launch the mail app, it then DOES launch the browser and I get a red bar in the browser saying “Unable to connect to the network. Unauthorised.” which I presume is because I’m not logged in yet.

A bit confused, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

– Jimmy

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These normally tend to be due to some whacky url scheme registrations with multiple versions/duplicates of the apps in question. I’ve had similar stuff with other apps like WHM too.

To clear the existing URL scheme registrations you could use this SU thread if you’re comfortable editing/removing those dict entries(I’d scan for entries starting with safe) and you do need a restart for it to take effect, or you can remove old/duplicate occurrences of the app(including thrash) and try again and that generally resolves this for me and gets the auth dialog up as expected in OSX.


Thanks for the quick reply Viv!

Unfortunately no go. First I removed both the mail app and the safe browser app (both dev branch and the live), cleared the trash, then I found the safe entries in ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.LaunchServices/com.apple.launchservices.secure.plist and removed any with the safe URI handlers, rebooted.

I still get this when trying to open the mail app:

I’m able to authenticate using my account secret/pass though. Quite odd.

Hi @jimmyhacksthings, this must be because we haven’t been keeping the email app up to date with latest versions of the underlying safe libs in favor of the new social app Patter (kinda a twitter clone dapp), therefore the email app is not compatible with latest browser.

You can try with the latest Web Hosting Mgr. app v0.5.1 we released which works with latest browser, as well as the Patter webapp at safe://patter.dapp (make sure you enable the experimental APIs as explained in this post: Release: SAFE Browser v0.11.0), or the other example apps mentioned in that post like the WebID Mgr at safe://webidmgr.dapp


I think messing with the experimental API’s (WebID Manager, etc) via the toggle in the new browser and tinkering with ‘Patter’ and ‘Not Patter’ will bring some joy. Cool to see you are also aware of SOLID! Where did you happen to hear about SAFE @jimmyhacksthings?


Thanks a bunch for getting back to me! I’ll check out a few other apps. Good to know it’s not just me and I can keep hacking away at things on my side!

Well, for a while I was working on Solid stuff, mostly involving making it approachable for laymen. From there, I got involved with Elastos doing several side projects and you know how the crypto kids are, they are very passionate about their projects, so someone mentioned checking out MaidSafe, and I recalled hearing about it from the Dat, Beaker and Storj circles. So I hopped over here to see what was up and to tinker around for a bit.

I’m mostly a lower level embedded systems developer by “developer trade” and a systems architect by day.

Glad to meet you!


I’m hoping Maidsafe make a really positive impact here and their work so far is a good indication but it’ll be app builders that really make what Maidsafe is doing, accessible.

Good to hear there is cross chatter!

I think you’ll have fun researching SAFE :smiley:
definitely check out some of the recent dev updates.

Likewise, hope to see more from you on here!


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