Unable to revoke app

I’ve been playing with the browser and web-hosting manager. I just started having a problem with the SAFEAuthenticator when trying to revoke app access. Regardless of which app I choose I get the following error.

"Unable to revoke app. Please try again."
more …
"Core error: Symmetric decryption failed.

Any ideas?

Strange works just fine for me, did you restart the browser after this error?

Yes, closed all the apps and restarted the system (debian x64 virtual box, stable ).
It started happening to all of them after I successfully revoked one particular app. Maybe I’ll try allowing that last app again…

Hmmmm seem like our very own app, has issues

SAFE wallet, Decorum, the email app all went smooth, unfortunately with our own app I get the above.

Hmmmmm @luandro this showed up, when I try to revoke the Plimst app.

Restarting the app takes forever…

I was able to allow a new app (BabbySAFEapi), but I still can’t revoke everything and anything in safebrowser v0.8.1. I also tried Peruse v0.2.0 and still can’t revoke anything.

The pictures you show with the deserializing error is what showed up first before the revocation errors started. I was uploading a new website with the web-hosting manager and it happened half way through the creation of a new service.

I’m using safe-browser-v0.7.0, Maidsafe is moving so fast that our app broke in safebrowser v0.8.1 and Peruse v0.2.0.

I’m a clueless consumer, so can’t really tell what’s going on, but it seems like the error whenever you get it, it’s stuck and effect consequent actions.

We’ve seen this before and to my knowledge this was fixed some time ago, can you @jlpell please confirm the version of the browser you are using?


I’ve had the same issue when using both of these:


It started about an hour ago. Everything was playing nice yesterday evening (EST).


Thanks for reporting this @jlpell. As @bochaco mentioned, we’ve seen revocation failures before but this is the first time we’re seeing “symmetric decryption failed”. Can you provide the log file “authenticator.log”, found in File -> Show SAFE logs (in SAFE Browser, not sure if Peruse has this). Thanks!


(sent a private message)


Great! We’ll look into this and keep you updated with what we find.

As I mentioned previously in the thread. The first error I encountered was when trying to create a new service with the web hosting manager. In case this info helps, when I try to run the web hosting manager now it gives me an error that says:

Unexpected (probably a logic error): Couldn’t authenticate app that is pending revocation

which makes sense considering I get errors when trying to revoke apps in the authenticator.

Quick update – we tracked down the location of the revocation bug. It is happening here in the call to decode_app_entry here. It seems like the symmetric encryption key became corrupted somehow, preventing the app entry from being decrypted. For this case, we are considering the following “fix”:

  • Show an error message to the user
  • Remove the app from the revocation queue (but don’t revoke it, as we have no way of doing so)

Our next step will be to write tests to try to reproduce this bug. Also, we are considering tweaking the revocation logic to push an app to the back of the revocation queue if it fails for an unknown reason. This way, revocation of other apps will not be blocked in the future.


Since my current account is a bit messed up due to the revocation error, and we want to use it later to test any bugfixes, is there a way for me to get another invitation token in order to setup a new/fresh account on alpha 2?

I will send you a new invite in a couple of minutes.


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