Unable to build FFI using node-gyp on OSX, anyone else?

Hello all, when I attempt to run an Electron instance for testing on OSX I get the following error (24 times):

ForceSet’ is deprecated [-Wdeprecated-declarations]

This causes the build of the FFI dependencies to fail, and as a result, I can load the Electron browser but nothing happens within it.

The happens both with the Safe-CMS codebase and @hunterlester’s safe-app-base repository.

There’s a fix here: https://github.com/node-ffi/node-ffi/commit/811ad02e730d40d0402aef63148b32f830e738de which apparently fixes it on Node-9, but I get the same error with Node 6 through to 8 as well, so I have a feeling it’s just throwing these errors across the board.

Is anybody else able to build projects on OSX or do you know of a workaround? I would love to hear it. I could simply manually apply the patch, but that’s not exactly distributable.

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@joshuef @Shankar Pinging you two for OSX.
Our last successful build and release of example apps was on 21 Dec 2017. Have been you able to successfully rebuild all modules, including node-ffi, on OSX, since then?


Thanks Hunter - just bumping for visibility. :slight_smile:

Hey, @hunterlester it looks fine at my end (am using latest MacOS)

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@Shankar are you able to build https://github.com/hunterlester/safe-app-base correctly on MacOS?

@shane, safe-app-base is working fine for me on MacOS, 10.13.3, using node 8.9.0

Yeah, ummmm, this was my fault… again :sob:

Thanks for looking in to it though.

Electron doesn’t seem to support v9.x.x yet. Their latest beta version release states that they have updated to v8.9 . The headers that it downloads for rebuilding using node-gyp won’t be available for the incompatible node versions. Initially, I used to face this issue and then made it a practice to check for the supported nodejs version based on the electron version that I was using.

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