Unable to access my MAIDSAFE coins in my BTC address from the omni-trezor wallet

I sent 0.001btc to the specific BTC address where my maidsafe are stored, as shown on https://omniexplorer.info/, but still, when I go to OMNI Trezor the account-selection page does not show my account. It just says “account #1” and “new account”. I click it and am told “There are no eligible addresses on this account. Please ensure your addresses containing OMNI tokens have at least 8000 satoshi in Bitcoin on a single output as well in order to faciliate a transaction.”.

I’ve been trying to figure out electrum, apparently I can “sweep” accounts onto that platform and that would get me access to my coins? But it’s asking for a private key and I don’t know how to obtain it.

Please help me. Thankyou…

Just some random thoughts - I don’t have a Trezor, so I don’t have a complete picture here.

If you can see your tokens in OMNI explorer then they are certainly there. So when using the Trezor with OMNI-trezor it is accessing the addresses on the Trezor to show what’s in the wallet (just guessing). This indicates to me that the Trezor doesn’t have the correct address(es). How long ago did you set this up? Is this the only Trezor you have? Have you checked all addresses stored on the Trezor, or does it only have one?


Hey thanks for your response. I can access the relevant btc address on the trezor app, and I have access to the bitcoins just not the maidsafe. The problem is that the OMNI-trezor doesn’t show the accounts that I can see on the trezor-app. I set it up on 26/10/21. It’s the only Trezor I have.

It is the mnemonic you wrote down when setting the trezor up.

What is the first number of the address where your maid are stored?

Hey yeah, but I don’t know a way of converting the mnemonic to the number it wants. The first number is 3. Thanks.

You can use this. (Obviously take care with exposing the key especially if you hold other assets on there, not an ideal situation)

I have no experience with electrum, are you sure it works with maid? Why not use omni wallet?

I think there is a youtube video on how to use it if you need.

Excellent. As long as omni explorer shows the MAID as being on that address, it’s definitely there, so you haven’t lost anything.

This might be helpful too:

I’m not really sure though if electrum can deal with omni-tokens. Perhaps you are doing this to generate/export the private keys from electrum then import and use omni-wallet? I’m just guessing at what you are thinking here.

Account 1 shows your BTC balance? your BTC address strats with 1 or 3?


Segwit accounts address starts with 3
Legacy accounts address starts with 1

Choose the account that shows the same btc balance as in your maidsafe address https://omniexplorer.info/

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I solved it… On OMNI Trezor when it asks for a password I was entering one where I should have just left it blank. It says “Leave passphrase blank to access your default wallet” at the bottom but I didn’t see it. I assumed it was a situation where a password was mandatory and I’d created one months ago. Thankyou for attempting to help me sorry for wasting your time


just out of curiosity, because I have my coins in Trezor and I don’t trust the OMNI Trezor because it’s not “official”. which wallet are you moving your coins to?

trezor.github.io/omni-trezor it’s on the verified github from trezor

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