"Ultra-fast 5G wireless will be 300% faster than Google Fiber"

5G promises to be remarkably fast. Early prototypes of 5G phones being demoed at MWC are operating at a mind-boggling 3.77 gigabits a second, reports CNET’s by Roger Cheng. That’s over 300% faster than Google Fiber’s 1G networks, and a magnitude faster than today’s top-speed LTE (aka 4G) connection, which hit download speeds of 5 and 12 Mb ps.


I bet it will be 300% more expensive too…can wait to have my data plan price triple!!! :wink:

don’t worry in the mean time fiat currency will continue to devalue… so it might seem 300% more expensive bowever it it will be the same price in real terms


for some reason that isn’t exactly comforting either…lmao!