UK Privacy Laws


You might want to give this a read.


Dogooders never sleep!
If I want to keep something private but I’m sloppy and careless with my secrets, that can become your problem.
Perfect logic…
That’s right, let’s turn the entire EU into North Korea!


MS has put a EULA on online service. Maybe this is not new but I’ve never seen it so blatant, a summary in bold says people will agree to watch ads to use the service. Does that imply they will not block the privacy mining. But this is also desperate as this attempts to have people agree to watch ads or not be able to use a critical trouble shooting function related to business functionality. Of course people will block the ads.

I was watching someone who was stuck with an Office 365 subscription attempt under their 99$ per year subscription try to transfer the rights to a new Toshiba netbook with Win 8 on it. They are allotted use on 5 personal systems under this license. They were already using the subscription on win 7 system. The Win 8 system was horrid as expected. Any answer MS didn’t like closed all the modal style windowing and forced the user to re-start and drill back down through all the windows all modal and all likely to do things to forcibly redirect the user’s attention back to main desk top screen which is an opt out add wall- not easy to opt out of either- have to opt out of each ad tile individually.

It kept giving cryptic BS about why the end user on the new system had not set up a new MS account on that system. Setting up a MS account on a system seems tantamount to granting MS the right to spy on everything the end user does and naturally people don’t want to opt in. Probably to keep on the spot system returns from happening at set up they had to allow people to opt out. But surprise, surprise, to exercise the ability to use an office 365 subscription on another system you must enable the apparent spying on at the new system- other system remember is a Win 7 system.

If you have questions about the process you are referred to a technical forum that has of all things what a appears to be a EULA slapped on a service where in bright print you agree to see ads to use the service. What people are going to be prosecuted for not watching ads now? Microsoft needs to go out of business. Maybe Project SAFE can help kill its useless business models.


This also pretty much sums up why copyright is evil. If you don’t want me to copy it then don’t publish it.


I’m aware of that view and it’s something for a new topic that probably wouldn’t reach any conclusion so it’s better not to start it :slight_smile: