UK politics and football



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Football’s going Rome :slight_smile:

And now watch the English destroy their own cities…

I hereby promise to never deep-fry another pizza :slight_smile:

Civilisation won tonight.

The person that complained about my previous post has very probably got an awful lot in common with David - err Leonardo’s David for the avoidance of doubt…

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Reminding us that word salads are the only defence the UK establishment has?..
Better to press the hard reality of their failing our better interests.
Dull minds will suggest we bite off more than we can chew and that we should just be happy slaves but some of their actions are beyond any mandate and worthy of contempt.
“Britain shall never be slaves” … but behaves as if obliged by rotten motives…


Well I’d rather be that than an arselicker, kowtowing to our colonial masters. I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees. How’s your Gaelic coming on? Was it Coll you were from?

Did you have money on the match? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

when you post about tech I am always filled with respect and wish I had fraction of your ability but then you post the other crap. I guess the good Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh Away.

I work for an Italian company so I heard there is some form of bonus coming this month.


There that Calvinisim coming in again…the Wee Frees have a lot to answer for…

Check this :slight_smile:

this topic is always near the top of the forum is the political drivel you come out with really helping grow this community or advance the safe network by welcoming people ?
or do you think it could even be off putting if it was the first thread read by a newcomer ?


Maybe it needs to be not shown on the main page then and - as I have already suggested,this forum takes a more technical slant and the off-topic stuff should have to be actively searched out.
I know I am part of it but the signal/noise ratio isny great at times.
Read the article, think about whart you know and have seen with your own eyes and then tell me its “drivel”

Or is it only “drivel” cos it requires too much thinking?

I don’t think we should hide this topic, it’s valuable, and I don’t want it to be restricted to directly relevant or technical topics. It used to be good but has got out of hand in the last year IMO.

So I’d like to see it better moderated and for participants to recognise the impact of what they post and how they express themselves.

Maybe we need a meta discussion rather than doing it here though?