UK Online Safety Bill - impacts on Safe Network

This post looks at the impact of the current draft of the UK Online Safety bill on open source development:

Do you fall within the scope of the draft Online Safety Bill, and what does that mean?


  • yes, but it’s not 100% clear
  • you’d have lots of obligations
  • you’d probably just use Github or similar instead, because the hosting your own service will probably cease to be worth it

It’s almost as if the draft Online Safety Bill is an attempt to use regulation to dissuade people from hosting things online, through the imposition of massive amounts of complex red tape…


They are trying to make p2p illegal or taking a step that way. Next you’ll need a permit to continue work on SAFE which won’t be granted and they will arrest people that run the code.

And for what?

Trying to make government spying easier so they can stop things like the panama papers from leaking or an attempt to conflate damaging and unnecessary secrecy or lack of transparency with privacy.

Trying to impower anti society groups like the RIAA that think they have a right to enclose speech in a toll road and get paid every time anyone expresses anything- this is part of the anti-neutrality or make censorship pay crowd

Also an attempt to empower non contributing rent seekers. An example would be the US ISP model. Instead of free space optical going from one persons solar powered tiny roof top module to the one on their neighbor’s roof to noise carried white space mesh modules in cars and finally to something like Starlink for over seas- instead of that we have an ocean of dark fiber that remains unlit so telecoms can inflate prices, and anti neutrality paid discrimination, so the ISP can be paid to censor and not upgrade their service and paid to maintain artificial scarcity. We don’t have interoperable hot spots so you can ditch a home ISP- we have artificial data caps on our phone, and we are going backwards paying for the equivalent of the long distance scam with crap like Zoom that charges to put an unnecessary data center in the loop to measure your nose and rip off and sell your data. And were have in contempt of public total idiots like Ajit Pai laughing at the US public for screwing the entire public- feeling entitled and very protected in doing so and we have groups like the RIAA screwing the public asserting a dual right to invade and screw the public and we have adware conditioning a theft of attention right to interrupt model of learned helplessness impotency.
But at least its not as bad as Australia where that government creates secret law by copy righting it. Citing anti public law or citing crime as law ‘laws’ is a felony because the public doesn’t get prior permission to cite them. So nothing can be done about them because they can’t be brough up or referenced. That is an idiot’s paradise. Its circular national security logic based on the idiocy of rent seeking on speech.

And this kind of totalitarian privatized utility rent seeker government welfare barron mode that rewards utter thieving is being used in places like Texas, Ohio and Florida to force fossil fuel rent seeking and the natural gas scam- ponzi. They let Skilling out and next thing Texas has some black outs and some gouging and people in these three states are told they will pay protection money to
natural gas providers by law and are being forced to buy natural gas. And gas can never compete cause gas can’t ever compete so instead of .5 cents a kwh off their roof top they have to pay 24 cents a kwh which will go to 50cents a kwh- sounds like Australia where grannies in mobile home parks were getting $600 a month bills to keep the lights on. Its gets better because as it gets hotter if people don’t use less electricity each year they get increasing penalties or more protected profits for non contributing parasite rent seeekers

To make this very British the oligarchs in the UK are trying to levy somethink like the Salt tax which the British East India Company forced on India which forced people in India who needed salt to survive to buy inferior salt for food preserving shipped all the way from the UK when they could freely get it right outside their door.

I suspect the UK has the same problem as the US has had since Enron when the W. Admin being full of crooks shut off half of the criminal justice system to keep its members from getting life terms. When you start having the law as crime problem and you see law being used to foist face value conflicts of interest instead of resolve them you can be sure criminals in your country have found a way to switch off the enforcement of white collar criminal law. And soon enough the only thing that will be considered unjust will be opposing the will of some sovereign self appointed inbred family where the only real rule is they get what they want no matter how wrong or idiotic and where their subjects recognize they are property and the crime comes because resisting them on anything leads to added missery for the entire population because they literally flogg the entire born in prison population for any resistance by any member.

German judges have talked about finding ways to prosecute politicians who don’t uphold actual public protections. We need a way to prosecute in a dissuasive manner any politician who even suggests anti public laws. If they are a liar they should know getting into office will land them in a cell long term- if you have the imposition of the state it should be: criminals need not apply on pain of prosecution and actual incarceration with teeth. If you’ve got a clown that proclaims he’s above the law- he needs to be marched out in a orange jump suit and given a mandatory summary sentance of life with no parole or pardon. They aren’t there to serve themselves or their friends and there needs to be no tollerance of such behavior.

Seems like a logical starting place is for the people to demand the resignation of people who put forward anti public bills and then demand the inquiry into their conflicts to keep them out. They need to lose their presumption of legitimacy. Need to switch from an idiot ruler- law maker model to a representative model. If they don’t represent the best interests of the public they are gone- there is no deference to oppressive anti public criminality no necessary tollerance for a certain amount of metastatic corruption.

What you have here is mistrust of the people and rule by fear which is very friendly to criminality. If there is going to be fear it shouldn’t be the people living in fear.

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The Internet Safety act is an anti SAFE network bill right down to its name. When they want to defacto ban private servers they really mean to ban P2P back bone private backchannel to in essence ban SAFE. The best way to deny corrupt idiots is to foreclose on their decision power and deny them that power permanently. Only the people can decide to silence themselves and lose all of their political power and quality of life. This kind of gagging is a literal death sentence. MaidSafe, this bill is a deadly warning shot across your bow you need to get the product out before they shut you down. Same goes for all other such projects. Think of what would have happened if they could have stopped Skype we’d could still be stuck with the damn long distance scam and maybe even email would have been metered to pay off the worst kind of idiots! As it was countless amounts of their damn useless tribute was burned. They want to keep their useless meter or private censor tax on speech so they can continue to control the narrative and keep their corruption going when the world has too many challenges to keep placating these people who generated so many of our challenges but refuse to address them. You have to break that meter for duration, we have to have that so we can address existential crises largely of their status quo making. Do you remember when RSA came up with a form of impractical but uncrackable encryption- I think in the 90s maybe early 90s. There may have been other such methods but that one the US government tried to gag, to bury to make illegal. If memory serves RSA made sure that its research was released. Have to do the same here because these people will turn what remains of the internet into a serious tool of oppression. We don’t need a world filled with their garbage propaganda with us trying to read the tea leaves on it. To have democracy we have to have essentially unfettered person to person communication. Without it, it will be one damn rigged election after another and that can’t end in peace. I watched your UK elections in horror. Corbyn was winning, then he said they’ed nationalize the useless privatized UK energy rent seeker utilites then the next thing there was talk of impropriety in the elections then a weird ridiculous pivot by Corbyn to the non existant ‘middle’ then an upset horrid loss. For democracy to work the people have to have access to accurate or as accurate information as possible, it can’t be one damn fraud after another. We can’t let criminals criminalize thought by criminalizing open communication. Regulate currency- that’s fine it is not speech and has to be regulated but allow regulation of speech in ways that undermine speech and you’ve just loss your personhood, your agency, you don’t count beyond someone else’s estimate of your worth as their damn property.

We need truth matching and an end to unworkable society and culture based on lies.
The lies are keeping us from addressing conflicts of interest and doing even the basic house keeping of justice.

It’s totalitarian hell which apathy, disconnect and obsession with triviality has let in.
Was never about a virus!!

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Does this mean that since most of the devs are living in the UK, the Safe Network will now have to stop?

Or will the developers all make the sacrifice and move out of the UK? What does this mean for the Safe Network?


Only 3 of us :slight_smile: No need to move though, not for people. If needed MaidSafe the company maybe, but let’s see what happens. Best is to launch and put all effort there and then things get more interesting.


To be clear though, we don’t host anything on UK servers.


Crushing time pressure is a cruicial ingredient ultimately in so many great works. A baby is many months in gestion but only has a short window in which to be born once the labor starts.

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Are you in a position to launch though? From my limited understanding there seems to be a bit more work to be done before Beta/Launch. How close are you until you can actually launch the network and stick it to the man?

On a practical note this is the kind of things that I think would make the SAFE network, or at least many of the apps runnning on the network, illegal but not feasible to enforce the same way pirating music and movies over bittorent these days or ripping content off youtube is technically illegal but not enforcable. It might be illegal for a UK resident to download the SAFE network app or code as it clashes with the above policy in many ways BUT there would be no way to stop people from downloading it or using it much the same way people can legitimately uuse Tor but also many use the dark web for illegal activity. One just can’t know. Also even if the SAFE Network was banned in the UK one can simply use a VPN to download it anyway. But at the end of the day this is one of those points where governments, all governments, need to realize that they CANNOT set rules for the internet. Those on the net will simply fight back and laugh in their faces.

I am hoping once SAFE is up we can have something much more offensive and aggressive. For instance- I personally see the business model of the RIAA as a menace to society, I’d like to see that model criminalized. You don’t get paid for trying to convince society to F itself over- that can’t be a viable business. Any group or corporation that tries to undermine the speech commons needs to be undone in a exemplary dissuasive way because its an attack on society itself- a direct attack. We can’t have firms like Comcast and AT&T constantly lobbying against our speech rights and our privacy rights- I believe the response in negative consequences should be the strongest and longest lasting that can be reasonably and legally imposed by society. Some groups aren’t worth living in and those can’t be called societies and converting livable societies into system of oppression is what these entities quite obviously seem to be pushing for. These companies have to know their profit is optional as is their continued participation and attacking the foundations of society needs to start to always incur the worst outcomes for such attackers.