UK Homes Vulnerable to Staggering Level of Corporate Surveillance (Gaurdian Article)

Seems like it’s almost weekly we hear about security concerns. SAFE can’t come soon enough so we can start to direct all these people to a different world.

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Spotted this in Reddit. Maybe another good opportunity to get SAFE mentioned:

Home security systems/smart homes also are a data collection system for the companies that supply them.

  • these record your entry & leaving from rooms, eating times, when you turn on/off connected appliances (eg a/c)
  • Allow remote control of your lights, a/c, other applicable appliances (and recording on/off actions)
  • Your phone is linked to the system and can record any data from your phone since you need to give permissions to use the app.

If you want home security system then pick one with technology from before the smart home era otherwise it will be recording everything it can at the company that supplied it.