UK Government Report Recommends Ending Online Anonymity


Project SAFE can’t come soon enough:

UK Government Report Recommends Ending Online Anonymity

from the dangerous-and-stupid dept


Were goin man were going. It has been amazing to get back to the coal face, what a difference. We also have several very highly qualified c++ devs that will help us out there. so all looking great. We have drive @Viv mad recently as we re-factored a couple of bits in routing that stopped his examples. He should be back on line now though. We are a tiny team compared with the well funded corporates I hope we never become. (A great CEO for sure eh!, we will make investors deliriously happy and hopefully rich by staying small and fair)

Personally for me getting back to the fine detail is a massive relief as answering questions that I know we can answer better with launching is really hard. Like being handcuffed and asked to run in a 100m sprint. I often feel I talk in language nobody understands so it is hard for me at times. Its amazing to have all you folks behind us though, we owe you all tones and will make you all proud.

These are exactly the mad stories that give me the energy of 100 though and this is like a jab in arm, we simply must and will protect all the worlds people in any way we can. Cheers for the link.


I hope you @dirvine and all the team (I’ll not link for fear of missing someone!) get that we’re eager.

I guess only those of us who have been at the coal face of software development can truly appreciate how hard what you are trying to achieve is, and how much work it takes to do a tenth of what you guys are doing. What I observe is incredible dedication and professionalism, as well as an amazingly dedicated work ethic - I hope you guys don’t push too hard to get the first stuff out, because once launched, the workload will increase rapidly and it will take a while to settle down and find a good pace. I realise you want the community to form and take on load, but you guys will be where the buck stops for a good while yet, and that is pressure.

So great stuff, and thank to all the team for your effort, dedication and professionalism :-). Take care of yourselves and each other too (here speaks a man who got RSI from too much computer work and literally found he could not type more than a single word one day).

Yes, maybe independence is the only answer ;-). Och aye!


Stop encouraging him! Why should the Scots be favoured…I want independence from the UK Govt too…and I live in Old Trafford


Its a double bluff @Al_Kafir, if David & team leave the UK I’m moving to Troon. Just need a kickstarter campaign to get the canal built to get me there. Maybe I’ll just switch to a Dutch barge and travel along the fiddly bits. It might make solar farming a bit impractical though :wink:


Yeah, I’m thinking of applying for twinning the towns of Troon and Old Trafford if they are separate countries - seeing as though we both boast top class teams.


That I can’t ‘Like’ :wink: “whack”.




Just a crazy thought here but I wonder if this SAFE network and associated crypotocurrency will allow for the creation of a new anarchistic libertarian nation. Think about it for a second. If you can have digital anonymity and effectively have a free internet and a free economy then you can also develop open research, open hardware and start accumulating wealth to aquire territory. It wouldn’t be a big jump for people to pool together and start buying pockets of land for “decentralized zones” that are free from government control. Or people might group together and create their own nation which is governmentless (I know scary for a lot of people) or that has a different government system (personally I find all government to be obsolete but there are those that feel they need it).


Love it…Safeland…excellent…I’m in


I don’t think this is a crazy idea at all. I think we need to think outside of what we have been programmed to accept. Good thoughts.


You know with decentralized zones it would be possible to have zones of anarchy and various “models” of government all working independently of one another and all connecting via cryptocurrency. The main problem I see is would the powers that be allow such independence both legally, economically and practically (aka militarily). Meaning would they not try gunboat diplomacy on such zones.


I’ve thought about free zones a lot re: “powers that be”…
A few ideas:

  1. Target bankrupt municipalities - ie Detroit has a couple amazing substitute free market/voluntary solutions from public transit to public security
  2. Seasteading
  3. Free cities/startup cities
  4. Move to New Hampshire


Target areas with no primary industry or that are really small but have lots of natural yet untapped natural resources (say areas of the Chilcholtin in British Columbia where there are swaths of open land that get plenty of sunshine. Can you say solar farms.) There are tons of small places that people have moved out of because there’s no money (another use for cryptocurrency and safecoin). Small towns would be excellent for turning into anarchstic communities as they already exist pretty authomously. It’s the mid sized and large cities that are the issues.


It is a nice idea, but you would be labelled terrorists and be locked up for tax avoidance. Just look at how travellers are treated who attempt something similar.

There are a lot of minds which need to be freed before this can happen.


I’m not a natural supporter of this kind of idea but it is something I have actively explored and have seriously considered. I don’t know if it is for me now, being old and knowing what hard work community is, but I do think ideas like this, and “intentional communities” in general are an important part of the change we need.

Beware of the rebel. I sense that is strong in this community, and while we all have that (I assume), it is a destructive energy. Challenging authority gets authority’s attention (what the rebel seeks perhaps), but if that authority is not actually a loving parent, it can easily crush and destroy.

There are of course many positive examples where new communities run, if not with the blessing of government (though that happens too sometimes), certainly can be tolerated - not least if they have support of the people.

We can learn a lot from intentional communities, and I think that would be a vital learning for anyone wanting to go this way. I looked at that way of life a decade or so ago and was amazed to learn how many of these communities exist in the UK and Europe already. From a couple of people to scores or larger. And I never knew! I visited several and was close to joining one at one point. This is where I learned about lazy concensus for the first time (@chadrickm).

There are some famous ones such as CAT in Wales which just celebrated a big anniversary and that it had transformed the local town. There’s Christiana in Copenhagen which I’ve never visited but very impressive. There’s a bit of a guide on such communities throughout the UK at diggers and dreamers, and I recall there was a Europe wide directory, and I subscribed to a US magazine on this for a while. There are as many variations on these things than there are people!

There is a big variety of size, modes, aims etc. Some are little more than housing associations, but the all tend to have tackled the problems we would face doing anything like this. Some have clear purposes and goals.

If you are interested in this, go do some research and visit. Stay in these communities. Join one. This is a pre-requisite to setting one up I think. Most new ones fail after less than a decade, and of the ones most at risk were set up by people with the means but not the experience. So before we all go buy a small holding or an island with our pooled Safecoin “winnings” I’d want to know people can walk the talk.

At the time I nearly joined I realised some aspects of community life were going to be very very hard for me to handle. That and not wanting to isolate myself too much meant I stepped back. These days I may be a bit old, but it is definitely a way to explore and so, go on, start a new topic for this. See what happens.


Which is why you’d need to go in and find out how to do it legally. Either that or have enough funding to fight a war of independence.


Progress starts with getting rid of cable and telecom. They are obsolete. The hardware and software exist to bypass them. We also don’t want reputation back doors where you are stuck with a new layer of ID everywhere that amounts to recreating the current ID system on top of plausible anonymity. Ambiguity has consequences for trade. For instance ego credit for ideas is worth jettisoning. In the middle ages authors hardly signed, inspiration came from elsewhere.


@Warren, explain the internet without cable and telecom.


@filipehdbr Mesh networks perhaps?