UI and UX design support!

Hello guys, hello Mr. D. Irvine!

I would like to offer my support in the “Safe Internet” project with outstanding graphic, UI and UX design. I have worked with a very special designer in the past and I feel to that kind of support can be useful to this special project.

A special project, needs a special designer. :-wink:

Contact me via PM if that kind of support is needed. Samples, for design tasks who gets handed over to me, can be provided to proove the quality we are able to deliver!

My support will be for free and I will pay the designer from my own pocket. Please note that my service can,'t be unlimited but I will do my best to provide free and highest quality work!


THe team will pick this up for sure. Thanks very much as much as we can get community involvement the better. Lets see if @Viv can arrange something.


Thanks for getting back. I am waiting for instructions from them.

Take care and all the best with that great project!


Thank You , this kind of spirit and service towards the safenet community is greatly appreciated :ant:


Yes, this is brilliant. Thank you @ironmaidn :slightly_smiling:

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