Ubuntu does not recognize HDD

Does anyone have some advice.

I just finished building a new PC.
All has gone well except for the fact that it will not recognize a 2TB HDD that is practically brand new (pulled from my old PC).

I am running Ubuntu.
I see the drive in BIOS but not in the OS.

From what Google tells me I have a couple of hints as to what it may be but I am kinda stuck.

The board is a Z590 and an 11th gen intel cpu.
One search result suggested that sometimes linux struggles with the latest chipsets, idk if that makes sense.

Another result suggested the system will only search for the first 2 drives.
I have 2 nvme ssd’s that show up just fine.

It is somewhat annoying but not a big deal, I have plenty of storage right now but it irks me that it is not working.