Two SAFE Network apps now OVN projects-Come own them!


The two projects are BuildItHub and SAFEx. Chadrick Mahaffey and I are founders but this doesn’t mean much except we started this “stone soup.” Now we need lots and lots of carrots, spice, onions and everything else to make these work. It’s time to start building now while we’re still in the testnets. Okay, we’ll need MaidSafe to finish and deploy the beta but that gives us time to get lots of work done. Both of these two projects are crucial to the rise and development of the SAFE Network for different reasons which I discuss on yesterday’s blog post. Contact me directly at if you’re interested. I’ll be writing about BuildItHub and SAFEx more on the SAFE Network blog at Bothprojects are open value networks (OVN). This is a non-corporate naturalistic structure where builders can come and go as they please to build. Once consensus is reached on a specified work task, you are an equity partner however large or small, depending upon how much value you create or add. Read my recent post in my blog to understand more about OVNs and Value Accounting Systems (VAS), the mechanism that enables you to choose work and get credit points against future SafeCoin payments. People who take the risk now to work for a future we all believe in will be rewarded beyond our wildest dreams. This isn’t hype, it’s just that some of us already know that MaidSafe are winners and we’re going all the way with these mad Scots! Come join us!!!


Suggest you edit post to link to the projects as New visitors won’t know what they are.