Two important filters - in:likes and in:bookmarks

So the search function here is quite powerful. It has an array of features like username recognition, search in thread, and search by user.

Thanks to @neo, I found out that the forums here have two other filters that we can use to keep track of important posts.

The two filters - in:likes and/or in:bookmarks, written before the search query - are able to perform a search on the posts that you find important. For instance an explanation from dirvine about the 76% attack. This, if bookmarked or liked, is easily searchable with using discourse.

Now as we are all aware here, we like to give out tons of likes. Which gives them a semi-unreliable sample to work from. Bookmarks on the other hand serve the same function that their namesake implies - that they catalog important posts.

I find having relevant posts on hand is incredibly handy when replying to a thread about a subject that might not have changed much since the earlier discussion. However with the continuous evolution of this project - if history has shown us anything - there is a necessity to make sure that what we reference is still valid. This is actually a good thing as it means we stay up to date better on technical details and create a healthy cross-referenced index of answers to potentially complicated questions.