Twitter pump - Sat March 23

Well - I think it won’t have data stored by the community but only routing nodes being added by anyone - but with invite I guess everyone will (like in alpha 2) be able to store data and retrieve it from the network

How would the routing of data would be checked otherwise…?


That would make sense, though I remember seeing it will be a ‘transient data only’ network or something similar. Maybe it’s as you say and that the routing nodes will be distributed, and data nodes similar to Alpha 2.

Clarification by someone more knowledgeable would be appreciated :slight_smile:

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Well I am volunteering to do a few tweets not to make this my full time job. Sure I agree a more consistent effort would be better, but you can’t expect people to just sign up to do that for free because its more beneficial to the group then what they were initially willing to donate! Really I would hope to get their attention and direct them here. When you are selling something that is usually the first step and often the salespersons only real job, after they have attention its just like ok now check out these resources from the company.

Um isn’t that what everyone wants to do? Just different timeframes on when they want to enter and exit. In any case the longer term investors benefit from more people playing the game to. Its short time spans that are vulnerable to local peeks and dips, in the long run you just want more people at the table for a higher average though.

Nope. I suppose with a normal coin/token that only has the purpose of being trade-able (for other tokens or fiat) that might be what people would want to do. For me and other real investors in this project however we are aiming to use the tokens to build content for the network itself. The more value the tokens gain over time the more we will be able to grow the network when it’s launched.


fundamentally everyone is trying to buy something undervalued or not actualized yet, and then, at a later time, realize a higher value. Anyways I want to stay away from attaching this idea to pumping the coin price. That might be a nice side effect, but I am really after the same thing: realizing value. So lets grab the attention of some smart people and draw them into these forums and perhaps go on to building content for the network itself. I don’t really see a negative to bringing in more people. Some will have short attention spans and prolly leave before doing much, true. If even a few people become really involved though, I think it was worth the effort to poke them and cost us basically nothing.

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Interesting. And true… why would we all risk buying.

Pump wise… if people read the word pump they may assume a price pump. I’m not sure even if we attempt a price pump as a community we would achieve that.

I promote the SAFEnetwork by demonstrating and talking about what it does. Which is enough for people to say “Shut up & take my money”.

I’ve not had anyone yet ask me about buying coins if I tell them I know a get rich quick coin, and I am afraid to promise riches as actually the maidsafe token is just a token, not an actual SAfECoin.

I do think a promotion/marketing “pump” on social media is a good idea, and this has been done around larger Maidsafe events.

When SAFEnetwork launches, I’ll be the first running around banging the “sort of get rich quick” drum if it’s not too late for any of my doubters to buy in.

Get your friends and family in, or buy a position for them while things are still cheap.

Twitter information pump, good idea. I’ve not tweeted in years.

Maybe the marketing team can give us advice on what type of tweets and tags we should use to promote the technology and expose the flaws in existing crypto.



Reasons to be thankful…

  1. Active community, a fine bunch of eeeejits.
  2. Existence of a test network.
  3. Existence of a community test network.
  4. WebApp - successful email demonstration.
  5. WebApp - successful domain management.
  6. WebApp - successful website creation.
  7. Many community websites, Geocities like and already sharing simple data users can’t elsewhere.
  8. Emerging Web3.0 services - looking at you Jams.
  9. Successfuly took on the great firewall of China.
  10. Emerging contract type coins, and demonstration of wallets and token creation. Decorum
  11. Lightning fast spend demonstration of token coins. Decorum.
  12. Solved an impossible networking algorithm - Parsec. Which was nice. (Stirs peas)
  13. Save files to network, mountable drive under Linux, Mac and Windows 10!!!
    ---- sorry need to take in a deep breath here to continue…
  14. Git for the SAFEnetwork?!!! Mark.
  15. Mobile App - Messaging App running on the SAFENet
  16. Mobile App Authenticatior - hey android, apple, are you listening? Full data and app permission ownership and control by users.
  17. integration of SOLID standards and appealing to a whole community out there.
  18. name dropping is terrible thing… Don’t do it… But most of us here have a Tim Berners-Lee handshake number of minimum 2… because you know… the founder of the web ( Sir! Berners-Lee) thinks the current web has gone too far in the wrong direction and the guys in Ayr are doing something about it… and laying the foundations of Web3.0
  19. Interested private companies in using the technology locally, or waiting in the wings to be the first company launching apps on the SAFENet.
  20. Demonstration of vaults at home under early conditions works!
  21. Identified packet interference, intentional or not, with data sent to the US. (Some grad student at the NSA probably didn’t implement something too well)
  22. Advisers to the Silicon Valley netflix series.
  23. Community network simulations and insight, Mav.
  24. okay I have room for one financial point, a token (not an actual SAFENet SAfECoin), went from $0.01 to a high of $1.20, and although back at $0.13 initial investors saw a 13x gain. What do you have to say about that ( looking at the bank of England hiding in the corner)

We are doing better than well.

My head is spinning, if I’ve left anything out please add in your replies.

We should blow our trumpet more often.
Looking at that list, we should all have the knee wobbles. This project, the team and community have built wonderful things.

Coin price rises will be a welcome symptom of the above.

This one came to me while brushing my teeth over the sink…


  1. Featured in a Disney movie!

wow thanks for an actually supportive reply to this idea lol. I was thinking I should not have even mentioned it TBH :stuck_out_tongue: I really just think we need to reach out to those OGs that were telling me about maidsafe 3 or 4 years ago but since fell off the wagon. Show them the milestones being reached and maybe they wana get involved again. For me all these people reside on twitter.

ya if they could even just make a promotional graphic for Fleming we could post that and link to these forums bam ez outreach to old and new fans. And totally all of these features you mentioned are great talking points but challenge is a 280 character tweet that captures someone’s interest to come in here and read all the rest!

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I wasn’t meaning to come off as not being supportive in general, just not for a ‘price pump’ in particular as that tends to have a specific meaning within investor culture.

I think that is a good idea.

Agree with that too. @SarahPentland – Are there any plans by the marketing team to make something like this?



I am more of a lets see what Maidsafe team can deliver, then once we know for sure what we currently all just speculate on we can start promoting the great deliveries the team has produced out in the wild open source space. Point them to the code, point them to docs explaining the code. Get minds that really understand this stuff fundamentally(other hardcore crypto teams) to evaluate what maid has done. Sadly most reviews I have seen have been brief and tossing maid aside as producing regurgitated logic with minor tweaks(like what the ETH dev said awhile back about parsec). I am waiting for that moment where the network comes together in all its glory and produces performance + reliability unparalleled with other networks to be honest. I understand that you come from the crypto gainz space of buying/selling coins turning a profit, I believe generally look to other coins short term if you want just straight profit growth(I would probs get some ETH/BTC and a few other top ones right now). But keep accumulating MaidSafe in the event the brainiacs on this team reach beta as I think then when we have a network and safecoin is implemented and people begin converting over, the crypto gain madness will come to the good ole SafeNetwork. I forsee hard shills touting us as the coolest thing ever solving word poverty and all kinda things the network will not actually even do :laughing:, but we will at least know it will give us a secure new decentralized net to play around with :wink: .

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Here are more Twitter ready community GIFs & memes

Put your SAFE-network gifs here


I like the idea of a Fleming graphic, we will add it to the promotional plans


@andyypants, have you seen this topic for an example of one member who has been promoting the alpha 2 network. It might be a good example for you to look at. People are doing marketing now, so you are not alone in the desire and obvious intent to actually do marketing. And that is good.


We dont know this for sure. It may be tomorrow. In tei weeks. In 2 months or even 2 years.

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Could that be posted in some reddit topic? Very nice list, Zoki!


Thank you. :slight_smile:

I keep losing my reddit IDs.
If anyone reading this wants to post it in the subreddit that would be great.


I got some inspiration from the old Nike ad “Just do it!”. :slightly_smiling_face::wink:



Here is something that could go viral.

Sweet karma available for the first to post this on reddit.

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