Twitter is a business => paid promotions

I don’t see Maidsafe tweets flagged as promoted; so, unclear to me if they exist. It seems that twitter perhaps has moved to a different balance, with a number of accounts whining of shadowbanning etc where I wonder they are just simply a business and tweets that get most exposure then are those which are paid for. It seems sponsored tweets aren’t hugely expensive, so maybe consider particular flashpoints are worth paid promotion on the back of privacy; security; freedom flags+, rather than chirping to the usual followers?.. The impression I’ve got is that there is less default churn now; so, new followers are harder to find because of the same.


Good timing David. We’ve been talking about increasing our Twitter profile and engagement these past few days. Promotion is one option, @Cgray has been pulling together a content strategy that incorporates our social messaging will help us improve our planning and hits our key messages (with appropriate hashtags) more effectively. We’re also going to experiment with volume of tweets, timings and connect and engage more with relevant influencers (individuals and companies). As we go we’ll keep measuring our metrics to see what is working for us.


I routinely mute every account that promotes a tweet to my feed.

You have been warned. :wink:

I wouldn’t add Maidsafe to that long list of muted accounts, but the idea of it goes against the grain.


I don’t mute, but I don’t think I’ve ever clicked on a promoted tweet and generally don’t click on any online advertising. I don’t have a problem with running paid campaigns if they work, and the metrics available through some of these platforms can be excellent, but I personally feel we need to have an objective beyond growing awareness to get the most out of it. So during a future release when we are actively working to increase downloads it may make more sense.


I mute accounts that promote off topic to my feed…

As suggested the objective matters… if one person blocks and two take notice, then it’s worth doing for the right price and the right time etc… regardless of who the individual is, marketing is about footprint; some will pay attention to marketing; others will ignore it.

There’s a point where you’re promoting to those who already care for values and a point where you might do ye olde advertising… no-one likes spam; so, it’s a optimization problem.

The point obviously was that if you are putting message to followers, that is different from trying to grow awareness.