Tutorial website

I would like to collaborate on a website hosted on the SAFE browser filled with tutorials (text based and video) [Pretty basic for beginners to understand] While I feel confident in being able to teach people things once I understand them, I currently do not know how to publish a site to the Safe network…so there’s that. This post is mostly to ask for help with collaboration though so I’m not the only poster.

“Why do we need this” you ask? "We help people on the forum all the time"
Answer: Because it needs to be information gathered in a stack and hosted on the SAFE browser. Because its cooler when being viewed on the SAFE browser.


After searching the forums, I can see someone has actually done this. safe://website.tutorial/
Hopefully making this thread will help users more easily locate this information because of its easy to search title.

This is the link to the post that helped me find it.


Does the SAFE browser use the same HTML JavaScript CSS… etc that normal browsers use?

Yes, it’s a standard browser with extra features needed to use the SAFE Network.