Tutorial for the next vault test

Hi! I’ve started writing a tutorial for the next vault test if any one is interessted. I’ll update it when I do the test myself :slight_smile: This is so you can setup a vps account and get ready :slight_smile:



referral link alert :wink: why do you use a VPN? Haven’t heard anybody else about it before. I’m no techy so please explain to me if this is really needed.

To not have to worry about individual user setups (windows/linux etc). This will look the same to everyone. And most importantly to not worry about port forwarding :slight_smile: This is just the easieas way I could think of

Thanks for explaining so soon! Also possible to make an easy tutorial without having to use a VPN?

It will be exactly the same :slight_smile: Only you have to do port forwarding and adapt it to your system.

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No setup will be needed for the next vault test, as it will include udp hole punching.


Lookit this, a guide to port-forwarding of many makes of router (just close the popup ads trying to sell you their stupid software):



  1. Once you have selected the make of router, then select a model, on that page then click on the link for “default guide.”

  2. Even if your particular model isn’t there, pick a model with a similar name, the procedure is almost always very similar for a given manufacturer, across their model range.

EDIT: And to login to a domestic router, either google for the default login credentials, or look on the underside for a label that helpfully tells you. Hardly any home users ever change the admin password.

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Good link, I’ll include it in the tutorial

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