Turning Idle Machines Into A Global Supercomputer -- Popsi article

The timing is right. Awareness of the capability, without the ability to make it stick, I’ll wager.


Link no longer working, cant find the new one. Article is probably down.

Works For Me

not that it says an awful lot…

it does link to

which goes into a little more depth.


Figured it out. Their moron dev’s have setup a re-direct cos im in Aus and their re-direct address is incorrect.


I discovered that redirect problem the other day with another popsci article sent to me by friends in the US - so annoying popsci, WTF!

Thinking about SAFEnet and a global supercomputer … wondering if the first solid A.I. that passes the Turing test might be built on SAFEnet. Imagining all of Dirvine’s ants forming a global intelligence. :smile:

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Woah, that would be so awesome.