Trying to understand safecoin


Hi there,

I’ve been reading about maidsafe recently and I have a few questions, as it has piqued my interest. As I assume many of you know, bitcoin mining is starting to become centralized, dominated by large farms. Some people view that as inevitable for any PoW system.

What I understand so far about safecoin is that you want to introduce a proof-of-resource model, where ‘farmers’ are rewarded for providing disk space. I read that this model will rearrange the current structure of data being stored on servers in datacenters, to a distributed storage model. The thing is though, if there is a demand for safecoin, wouldn’t it end up like bitcoin, where you have a few huge miners/farmers running the show?

I’ve got more questions, but one at a time I guess. Anyhow, very interesting project.


Here is a video to get you started, basically machines with large hdd space are favoured less by the network.


…and this one


You could try reading this thread for some answers, but it may cause more questions.