Trying to develop

Hey guys im on a video chat with @hunterlester trying to make a simple simple app work for our meetup.

Because of how it counts PUTs, our 1mb file project keeps filling up our 500 PUT accounts.

It’s a horrible way to develop…

Can we have a dev invitation with 2000 puts maybe? Or just 10 accounts or something?

We are working together and neither of us feel we can test our code this way, effectively.

We are also very close to finishing, except for this part of the development process.

Just trying to code, thx.


You can use mock routing…

not without many breaking glitches,

we can provide screenshots if needed

He’s the one who made the mock-routing playground itself, so if that was a viable option then we would have pursued it

Sorry for sounding snappy; just reread that.

And moderators, even one or two invites would help here for now, until you guys find a more permanent solution for all this

It’s not possible because the PUT balance usage is controlled by the vaults independently of the invitation.

Did you try my safe_vault fork for local network? I indicated that I have raised the limit up to 5_000_000 operations per account a few days ago.

The client binaries compatible with test 17 should be compatible with it. You can even use it as a global network by filling up “SAFE Browser.crust.config” with your own IP addresses.


With the controls on accounts & rate limiter in place, would it be far more expensive to offer a significantly larger put limit on future tests & Beta?

If it wouldn’t be too expensive, it would be great to see some bigger files being handled & devs getting more data to play with!

That is being worked on and the team realise the problems with those limits. Realise that the tests are on servers being rented and there has to be a balance between limits and cost of renting datacentre storage.


There’ll soon be the ability to run your own local testnet on a LAN or single machine which will let you relax some of these limits. It should be a bit less painful to develop against that I hope.


That’s great, but the way it counts PUTs might have room for improvement?

I literally have a website that’s 1.3mb now, across 68 files. And it almost completely fills up an account to upload it.

Not to mention beginning any work in it…

So I’ve gone through 6 accounts, and uploaded 7.8mb total to the network. Seems a bit mad from my end at least, yes?

But I know I shouldn’t be using test 17 for development


This might be an attempt to help mitigate excessive puts


It’s actually only related to saving the browser state. Doesn’t apply / isnt related to the PUT count I’m afraid.


Does anyone know if webpack can help - does it reduce the number of files?

This tweet suggests it handles images as well as JavaScript but I haven’t watched the videos yet to find out if it packs them into fewer files, and Wikipedia doesn’t say much.


it can put all of the javascript in one file

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It might. I was wondering why there are so many files?

@whiteoutmashups is it one page, you’re trying to put up or many? A lot of images/fonts etc?

webpack certainly helps (and is great), and enables easy development with hot reloading (where you don’t even need to refresh the page).

and as @Joseph_Meagher notes, it bundles everything into one file (or many… as you configure it).

All of which is cool, and might help reduce the total number of files here. But the real benefit will come with local testnets to develop against, then there’s no need to worry about PUTs for testing. (And you can optimise your build for the real network after you know you have something worth optimising)

It’s mostly my stylings. But it’s 1.3mb total… Shouldn’t be filling up accounts…

I got it down to 1 file to test functionality, but still :stuck_out_tongue:

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The datamap of a file is not be stored directly in the directory object anymore, but is stored as a name pointing to an immutable data in the network.

If what I computed in this post is true, creation or update of a small file (less than 3KB) costs 2 units from the put balance. For a medium file (between 3KB and 3MB) the cost is 5 units. This means we are very far from 1 unit = 1MB.

In the light of these figures you could compute the cost of your files. Maybe this could explain what you observe.

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