Trying out Maidsafe as a DB solution before official launch

I first would like to say hello and express my admiration towards the work done by the team behind MaidSafe. I wholeheartedly agree on importance and values behind the ideas you guys are trying to bring to the world.

Having said that, as I run a small IT company involved in developing solutions for decentralized web, I would be greatly interested in testing out MaidSafe as a database for one of our projects. So cutting to the chase, I would like to ask you how to get started with this, and is this even possible at the current stage?
I’ve stumbled upon MaidSafe compilation instructions, but since there’s constant work in progress on you guys’ side, is this the way to go?

Another words, is there a way to connect to the test network and experiment with our own ideas? We’re not expecting reliability, just trying to get a basic grip on how to use it, even if the UI or API was to change. Or should we wait for a specific time until this makes more sense?
Please forgive me if my questions have already been answered somewhere - we run multiple projects and are absorbing so much information that we can hardly keep our brains on the right side of sanity :wink:

All the best to David and the team


Hi and welcome,

You can certainly make a start. There isn’t a testnet running right now, but we can expect testnet 3 soon - guess < 1 month.

I suggest starting by building according to the instructions, reading up (How to build an App on SAFE Network should get you started) and ask for info/help here.

As I understand things you have two main choices: the REST API or using shared file system / Drive (see link above). I’m not 100% sure but hopefully we can work it out without distracting the devs too much!

Thank you very much :slight_smile: that looks very helpful.

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