Trust level for forum replies


I was just curious if I need to be a certain trust level to reply in the maidsafecoin-maid-price-trading-topic. Thanks in advance.


Yes. Trust level 2…


Indeed. Here more details: Trust Level 2 Requirements


Was just looking for that to add it. :slight_smile:


Thank you. I have everything except the replies. I better get busy typing :joy:


That is that one less to go :wink:
Also best read the first post of that thread: MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic.


I will have read that but it was probably 6 months ago now. I don’t really want to talk the current price I’m a long term holder just something @dirvine said that I wanted to respond to.


If there is ever such requirements then it will be explained in the opening post of the topic OR in the “about (sub-)category” post in the (sub-)category


Another way to respond to a (not so price related) post in the Price & Trading topic, without the need of trust level 2:

Make a Hyperlink and/or blockquote to the post in an existing, relevant topic. Or make first a new topic.

You could also send a notification to a user, by e.g. writing @scottefc86 in your post.

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