Trust Level 3 Member privileges

There are quite a few members who are at trust level 3 in these forums. I thank them for their participation, and would be indebted to whoever can post the qualifications to become one in order to have a further appreciation of the time that they have dedicated to this project.

At trust level 3, users are able to view the #lounge category. What other benefits do such dedicated members receive for the investment of their time and energy? And what might the community feel that these members should receive?


About $3,000/week would be quite nice.

Other than that, IDK if we should have any special privileges, compared to others


We already get the lounge, the ability to recategorize posts, and hopefully the respect of all the hard working mods! :smile:


Get rid of the “regular” title and have a more appropriate title that lets newbies know that these members are more than just regulars but valued members who have experience in SAFE

Can you not do that now? I know discourse prevents recategorisation after a period of time, but I thought level 3 allowed that.

Well you have my respect. :smile::thumbsup: as do the other members.


I am not sure what level the recategorize kicks in, but I have that and the lounge so woohoo for me…lmao!

I don’t always feel as deserving as some of the hard core guys who can actually decipher the 20,000 leagues of minutia of some of the SAFE speak, but I always hope that my contributions along with the other members (and what little guidance I can give to the noobs) make the forum a slightly better place for all.

Stay the course @neo, all other mods, and the SAFE team, as well as my fellow forum peeps, we all want nothing but the best for the project!!! So dang close I can taste it!!!


Straight up, we’re lookin’ for people to beta test. Lounge’ll be a good place to hang out coming up soon.

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Challenge accepted! :wink:

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…Suit up!