Trust Level 1 (Basic User) Requirements

I want the token that asks me to be able to use the SAFE browser

Read this topic fully and you will be a fair way through the process of getting level 1.

entering topics is simply reading the opening post of the topic.

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I want the token that asks me to be able to use the SAFE browser

Yes you said that.

Please read some of the forum and find out that you first need to attain level 1 which I am sure is mentioned in this topic which I asked you to read

Then you can go to and get a token, but only after attaining level 1 in the forum.


yes, sorry I understood and now I’m focused on reading some things that I find interesting

No problems

And welcome to the forum.

And this might help to read Invitation Tokens

I already spend more than 1 hour reading everything in this forum but they do not send me the damn token

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It may take a little time for the forum software to update your member status. You might read at least one more topic which might trigger that update quicker than just waiting.

If that doesn’t work then I look at bumping you up to level 1

EDIT: The forum software has set you to level 1 now.

The forum software has set you to level 1 now.

Yes that means you can get your invite token from

Well thank you. All people must thank for freedom. Cause its not free.

there are other ways they could have done this…

Maybe but it is what it is.

where can I see my status?

And when it says 1Hr, that could be 45 minutes through 74 minutes

I dont understand you.

I was interested in previous version,
I had an account then, but now I enter Account secret and Account password and see the message “Account does not exist”.
I want to create a new account, but for this I need Trust level 1. but I cant find any information about it in my profil.

Well click on the link I gave you. The link is the same as clicking on your icon and then clicking on it (or your forum name).

The link in text is Profile - TemaChak - Safe Network Forum

That is because the previous version network doesn’t exist.

Thank you, I didnt see anything because I didnt have any status, but now I get this status and I can see Basic!

Basic User is trust level 1