Trust Level 1 (Basic User) Requirements


still cant find my trust level?


Odd. It seems new users will not see trust level in their profile. An update to the forum software by discourse must have removed trust level indicator for new users. Maybe @frabrunelle can check this.

@Gimli87 you are still at trust level 0 (new user) Just a little more reading should see you reach level 1.


I cant see the level 1 tag in my profile :frowning:


Here you can find the requirements to reach the level 1. You’ll need to spend some time here, but as i said it’s really easy to become Basic. Just have some patience :wink:


You are at Trust Level 1.


When you get the basic badge you know that you’ve earned the basic trust level (trust level 1). You can see what badges you have from your profile.

How do I see my profile?
Clicking on your avatar/profile picture on the upper right of the screen does this. Here’s mine:

So I can see my profile what about the badges?
Well, in your profile you’ll see some menu/tab options. The one labelled “Badges” is where you want to be clicking. If you don’t see the Badges option this suggests that you have yet to achieve Basic / Level 1.
Here’s mine:

Where can I see what badges are available?
I’m glad you asked. To see what lovely badges you can earn visit here:

Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges!
Yes. Yes you do.



I suggest you put most of that in the OP as that’s what n00bs will see. Excellent @DGeddes, you are doing a great job IMO.


Thanks @happybeing!

I really appreciate you saying that - my smoke and mirrors technique has yet to be found out I see :grin:.

@neo has already “taken care of business” and included my guff at the top (I didn’t want to step on any toes)!

For Rob:



Now thats one I haven’t listened to for such a long time. Big hit back in the seventies.

But you ain’t seen nothing yet


It shows the following message:
Core error: Unexpected: Could not connect to the SAFE Network
What should I do? It isn’t a development version



You have to get Trust Level 1: see the posts above.
I see e.g. that you still have to read for 51 minutes on the forum to get Trust Level 1.


what does it look like when i reach trust level 1?


Read the opening post of this topic or read a few posts above


I realize that over months of visiting and reading, I probably should have logged in to have it registered. I had not looked closely and thought there was some kind of technical bar to meet (turns out, not too technical). I need 22 more topics and almost 100 more posts (must have been that many replies in this thread). Any chance the admins could spot me the balance to grant level 1? Maybe making a post(s), such as this could count in lieu of reading some posts/topics. (?) Regardless, there is a clear path.

I have the read-time covered.


You are already Level 1 (aka ‘basic’)


MaidSafe Dev Update - September 21, 2017 - Alpha 2 is useful.


OK. It’s informative


I find this very strange. I am invited to download the browser for a test run on your homepage, only to find out that I can not test it unless I go through the hassle as described here. The only thing that might be stranger is that nobody complains about that. Why are you offering it on the homepage instead of just announcing that participation in the forum will eventually give you the oppertunity to test it. And what is the use of forum participation if you don’t know what people are talking about or you are not able to share experience.


Well every offer one accepts has some form of conditions, some a lot more than others. So not so strange that Maidsafe wants to do this. Its a minor inconvenience to spend an hour reading about the network you are going to participate in testing. Makes a lot of sense really.

Also the purpose is that because this alpha does not have spam protection that we require (tiny really) time to make auto spamming very difficult.


Where did you origninally download the browser from @Roelf_Renkema?,, github?