Trust Level 1 (Basic User) Requirements


Our settings for trust level 1 (basic user) are different compared to the default Discourse settings. See this blog post for more information on trust levels.

You can get to trust level 1 by…

  • entering / visiting at least 30 topics
  • reading at least 180 posts
  • spend a total of 60 minutes reading posts

Note: The read time you see in your profile is an approximation. For example, you might think you’ve reached a read time of 1 hour, but in reality, your read time might be more than 45 minutes, but less than 1 hour.

Users at trust level 1 can…

  • use all core Discourse functions; all new user restrictions are removed
  • Send PMs
  • Upload images and attachments if enabled
  • Edit wiki posts
  • Flag posts

To find out if you are at trust level 1 (basic user) please see this post (copied below).

When you get the basic badge you know that you’ve earned the basic trust level (trust level 1). You can see what badges you have from your profile.

How do I see my profile?

Clicking on your avatar/profile picture on the upper right of the screen does this.
You can also get to your profile summary by clicking here.

Here’s a look at my profile:

So I can see my profile what about the badges?
Well, in your profile you’ll see some menu/tab options. The one labelled “Badges” is where you want to be clicking.
Here are my profile badges:

Where can I see what badges are available?
I’m glad you asked. To see what lovely badges you can earn visit here:

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What does “entering a topic” mean?


It means visiting a topic.

To reach trust level 1, one of the requirements is that users need to enter/visit at least 30 different topics.


How can I check if I’ve reached trust level 1? I don’t see it on my profile anywhere.


Look at your “Trust level” in your profile

Trust Level: new user

This is level 0


Does this by any chance link up with


No, the SAFE Network Forum and the SAFE Dev Forum are separate forums.


actually, it looks as if you can’t see your own trust level, but from others you can… At least, I could see yours, not mine.


You should be able to see your own trust level by clicking on the “Expand” button.


thanks! Got it now. I’m a “new user”


EDIT** just read the above post, my apologies…

does this mean i have to post IN at least 30 topics?

I know i have done the other two requirements, but not posting within topics.

How does one see what level they are on? when i click on my profile i can see the statistics of information relating to this, but i cant see anything that says my user level… maybe i am missing something glaringly obvious, so forgive me in advance!


I misunderstood that the list of actions to gain trust level 1 were OR rather than AND.

I may not be the only one, so might it be worth adding an ‘and;’ to the end of the first two bullets?

It may also be useful to add info on how to view your own trust level so that this one post has everything a new user needs to know what their trust level is, and how to get it to level 1.


You wrote correctly. I agree with you!


I know many may dislike this option to select contributors… but for me, this is amazing! Just wondering if there are still people that go through the thing to just FUD?

I am interested in this, so I will try to read a bit and hopefuly I will get there soon.


:smiley: I want to try this


Hello everyone,this is my first post,I need the first level of trust.


Thank you and let’s go to the first trust level !


1h read time 32 topics viewed 410 posts read

but still no trust level 1…oh well, I suppose it will just happen eventually…


That 1Hr might be 50 minutes rounded up. OR Discourse forum software waits till your account is at least 1 day old


interesting, this layout forum is amazing