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Hello peeps,

So I have downloaded the Safe Browser to open up an account. I have learnt that I need to be a Trust Level 1 in order to get an invite into ALPHA 2. All I want to do is to secure my username. Now does this have to be done completing the level 1 requirements or have I already secured my username by opening an account on this network forum?

Apologies if this has been answered but there is lots to read and to get through as a newbie.




All data on alpha 2 including name will be lost when alpha 4 comes along. So do not be concerned if you don’t get your desired name on alpha 2

Yes you need to be at level 1 to get an invite and get an account on alpha 2 network.


OK cool, thanks for the low down. Is there any way one can secure their username before it goes live/post Alpha 4? If it’s early doors for that kind of thing can anything be done to get usernames secured before it becomes mainstream? I just don’t wanna be late to the party like I was with the Google mail thing.

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This has not been considered yet and there are issues of name squatting that has not yet been addressed by the dev team. There are a number of discussions in the forum about names. Search on “pet names” and you should find some of those discussions.


OK will do, thanks Neo.


Alpha 2 will still be around even through Alpha 4 so you still might want to secure your name.

Who knows they might find a way to make data chains work with Alpha 2 so it could be permanent :slight_smile:

Better SAFE than sorry, and it’s easy to get online to Alpha 2

Its only been said that alpha 2 & 3 will exist together. Once alpha 4 comes along there is no need for alpha 2 and 3.

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Possible scenario is that at some point data will just stop being wiped, including usernames, but that this will not be announced in advance.

So it may help take part in each test and reserve your username in each so that if the above happens, you’re good.

The reason I suggest this might happen is that it is the way things will work with TestSafeCoin - > SafeCoin, and SafeCoin is just data too.


Taking part in each test… such as attaining trust level 1 and securing an account/username?

Great forum by the way guys…very handy at getting useful information.

Well I guess I gotta go and achieve level 1 then.



I’m hoping the 1st attempt will be permanent.

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