Trust-based solution at safenetforum

Hello every body

I am Ashraf
I am holding more than 250,000 Maid from one year ago.
I shared the idea of the project to all people I know.

I had translated the launcher into Arabic to help developers in RTL language :

Take a look to this powerful analytic of maid and see how do I advice people to buy Maid.

And after all of that I can’t reply or comment in the Maid price topic.

The #safecoin:price category is also limited to Trust Level 2

I just want to say to the man who decided to close that topic and prevent me to reply :
I am not a spammer so I will never spam the forum to get some points . I love safe network but I hate this forum and I hate your easy way of solving forum problem .
It’s our forum not yours , you can’t prevent me or any one for no reason.
Go solve your problems without touching my freedom.

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Do more reading

Spend time in the forum

The member level is decided by the activity you have in the forum.

It is not a fault with anyone, other than the traders who abused the topic before you.

Read here

EDIT: moved this to the correct category. #meta is for discussions about the forum itself


BTW, @ashraf you should have access to the topic as you are on member trust level 2

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Only now I can reply in that topic , 5 min before I couldn’t.
Someone fixed it or something happened I don’t know, but this is not the point.

I am talking here about the way solving problems.
Trust Levels is the easiest way to solve your problems just like governments do.
And I am worry about using the same easy way to solve Non-persistent Vault problem with Node Ageing

Decentralizing mean trustless

How would you solve the abuse of the trading topic.

BTW your activity determines member level, your topic creation is a part of that. This forum software is designed on community involvement and seems to be one of the better forum software out there. Until decorum or similar we are living with this.

The way the forum software runs does not affect any of the network development, they are separate.

I would suggest you take that up as a separate issue as really the forum operation and that are really quite different. There maybe some similarities on the surface they are quite different with different concepts/reasonings as to why they are done.

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regarding your deleted post:
Helpful rules/limits today will not be helpful tomorrow, and you will need to change it later.

The big mistake of satoshi nakamoto was setting limits ( 10m block time and 7 transactions/s)
Now people want to hard fork bitcoin to change those limits and if they do, they will destroy bitcoin and any government will be able to takeover mining and control bitcoin.

BTW I really don’t have a solution for abuse, But that doesn’t prevent me to say NO for any trust-based solutions.

Finally, I am sorry for starting this topic you can delete it and sorry for using the word “hate” .
My native language is Arabic so I am sorry for any mistakes

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All protocols are are a set of rules and limits. SAFEnetwork works by protocols

So sorry the [quote=“ashraf, post:7, topic:12510”]
Helpful rules/limits today will not be helpful tomorrow, and you will need to change it later.

is not applicable when talking of rules and limits

The limits you talk of is just one of the hundreds involved in blockchain technology.

So yes Obviously there are some “magic” numbers that need changing from time to time. But the underlying rules/limits that protocols work by far outweight the few limits that need changing. Remember we live in a changing world.

BTW SAFE uses limits determined by the network itself, NODE aging also will be dynamic and network controlled parameters in order for the network to function.

Any way the point was that trustless is NOT the lack of rules and limits.

You can setup a trustless relationship AND have rules/limits on that relationhip. NODE aging is not about removing any of the trustless code but about allowing the network to function by letting the network decide the limits needed in order to continue functioning.


Thank you very much for that Ashraf, really appreciated. As you know I do a little moderation for the forum, it’s quite easy these days as we have a great community with a lot of nice people. There was a time when I didn’t like to moderate because 90% of all my activity was in the price & trading topic. And it was people getting into fight who didn’t knew a thing about SAFE and it’s goals, they where just here to talk price. Now I think trading coins is fine even if you don’t really care for the project, but whenever the price made a move we had all these frustrated butt hurt traders come in to bash all others.

So we needed a solution. This (limiting that topic to TL2) was great. My moderator activity dropped to a level where I had fun again. And now these days moderation is about moving 1 or 2 topics to a different category instead of jumping in to personal chit chats full of name calling and more. Most users that caused trouble joined our forum in the hours before and started making trouble in the price & trading topic right away. I’m quite glad they’re gone ;-).

If you’ve sent a PM to moderation telling us you did a translation and wanted to get into TL2 a bit quicker we probably would’ve moved you to that level right away. That rule is about keeping some people out, but in your case it was fine to move you in earlier.


[quote=“polpolrene, post:9, topic:12510”]
Thank you very much for that Ashraf, really appreciated. As you know I do a little moderation for the forum[/quote]
Thank you for caring and I am sorry for starting this topic & sorry for using the word “hate” .
Could you please delete or close this topic?


I agree with your perspective here.

However, you can see why they did it and that it was indeed effective, even if it stinks.

So… [quote=“neo, post:5, topic:12510”]
Until decorum or similar we are living with this.

But how cool that people are finally working on proper solutions for these kinds of issues instead of more bandages like the one they’ve had to use here?!

I’m not mad keen on the use of off-topic and meta categories that hide stuff away either, but the amazing thing about this project is it allows for the creation of seminal solutions for exactly these kinds of organisational and decision making disputes.

On decorum you can have the forum you want with the rules you want and the moderation you choose based on the editing lists you subscribe to.

I sympathise with your sense of indignation though. I would probably share it in your shoes. :slight_smile:

As Pol says RE translation and support.


It always surprises me how much this is still misunderstood. Bitcoin’s block size and time combination was never a mistake: it’s a technical necessity, as ignorant “me too” coins, that blindly lowered the time, had to quickly realize. It is to avoid splits, and Satoshi’s conservative settings are a reason behind why bitcoin works (it does: it was never meant to be the “digital cash” people envisioned it should be, but a settlement system with a pretty low global bandwidth.)

Explanation: Blocks take time to spread, and the longer it takes, the higher the chance another block is found, and thus the network splits. The larger the block the longer it takes to verify it (recompute all transactions in it and the like) and the longer it takes to push it through the wire to the peers of the node in question. Splits happen all the time, but it’s okay as long as it’s rare enough. If it happens too often, much resources get wasted, many miners don’t get paid, morale takes a dive, etc etc etc

Somehow I don’t feel too bad about sidetracking a useless meta thread with some unrequested wisdom, so dear mods I’m ready for my punishment :joy_cat: