Trump is the best candidate Republicans are likely to get

Is there still any doubt about Q all these months later?

Looks like you’re about to get your wishes granted.

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US exec in pocket of Russia. Much of US Senate and House in the pocket of Israel. These two are feuding it seems and using the US as their hired thug in war, sanctions’ tarrifs and propaganda. This happened because the US media was purchased through sponsorship and because the US allowed state secrecy. The US people have lost control over their own government. What the US used to do to other states through puppetizing has been done to it.
The Trump admin is no longer legitimate- apparently never was. Our body of law and our culture provides for what to do in this situation. Secrecy and sponsorship and the resultant lack of education and awareness led to this. What Nick Hanauer has warned about is in progress right now. The consequence for the austerity fraud is happening right now. Truth is about to hit and there is no way to false flag out of it, people are terrored out.


I totally agree. Suspect the co-option issues with Trump goes way back to Ivanna. But they will inturn will point back to the purchase of Hillary by Mid East states. What Russia did on the surface looks like it was motivated everyone’s existential interest in avoiding WWIII. To me the opponents are strangly enough Russia vs Israel.
The US was made into a pawn of both because a sponsored media was forced upon it. If your media is for sale so will your politicians be for sale and your laws. It makes your country mercenary. It converts client states into the parent states. Its why they get so pissed about Wikileaks and also twitter, they bypass the filter.

The US is trying to control the BRICS block China, Russia, India Brazille and South Africa and Iran with sanctions and tariffs. US wants to keep the petrol dollar scam alive while Russsia and Iran take price control away and while destroys petrol dollar enclosure with green tech.

Trump has been puppetized by Russia. In retrospect the face he made upon learning of his election win makes perfect sense. It was just US, Israel and Brittain but Bush senior just died, they tried to try Blair for war crimes, Trump trampled the Queen- a puppet move against puppeteering, Corbyn is on the rise, Marcon is coming undone with yellow vests (fuel tax is right side spin- all they have to do to hit fossil fuels is hit the subsidies, block the price increase and void the derivatives contracts)… there was a blue wave, Hillary didn’t get in, Opec is dissolving with Qatar leaving, Saudis look like part of the bricks block, NATO is weakened, Natanyahoo is falling and the man who Bush appointed to not expose 911 is going after Trump. But the entire world is united against fossil fuel slavery in a green bloc and actively replacing it.

The puppetizing of the USG by Russia on the world stage with the world leaders laughing at Trump enbanc at the UN shows the results of 911 coming home to roost.

But again, core cause is a sponsored media and idiot money-is-speech doctrine that together equal no media and a loss of free speech. Secondarily secrecy- when Kennedy said he’s going to fight government secrecy he was killed. But what could they be hiding but a police state and one designed to possibly cover what William Cooper was talking about? UFO community is now saying ETs destroyed US and Russian nuke arsenals around 1990. Did that drive the fall of the wall and beyond thievery the Iraq war to gain unfettered access to certain sites? Is that why fool politicians on the US right talk of winnable nuke wars- is it code for open large scale conventional hot wars and not just a AI override?

Trump got called MBS’s bitch by a congress woman and SNL has never been more caustic. But Hillary commited election fraud against the US people and Sanders and she tried to go after Assange for providing functioning media and anonmymous exposed her to the EC and she was removed. Now the Trump admin seems to be going after Assange who is the most important civil rights leader since MLK and since they live in glass houses made of servers presumably they are about to get dumped and locked out Sony style with a veto of Trump this time? Kavenaugh can’t save Trump he has been OJ’d as has Trump.

I wonder if Trump was forced to involve family in the admin. The kind of compromising conflict of interest that entails is exactly why nepotism is a crime. And yet the state controlled Russian media just blew up at Trump. What bit of treason was left out?

We shouldn’t have a presidency (founding fathers saw it as a point of weakness but acquiessed but weren’t optimistic about it)and the executive branch needs its powers cut. We also need to fix the sennate and the SC and fully ratify the UDHR and create full transpency.

The Trump capture is the biggest crisis since the bay of pigs and the greatest public scandal in US history- only hiding Aliens and suppressing potentially freeing (or destroying) tech was worse. Trumps taxes will be outted. They don’t let fellons in this country vote. I think they should do the same for billionaires even fake ones but also let fellons vote unless they are billionaires. We have a voice in large part to limit the power of money. As Trump is exposed as a fraud over tax returns and capture the US economy will be similarly exposed. I think he takes Fox down with him. How many false flags are we going to have to stop? Is Bush senior still around, was his alleged death part of another dog wag?

Just learned a US admiral committed suicide in Mid East. There are more Admirals than people realize but the timing and place are very odd.

I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with just about everything you said.
There’s too much there to respond to it all. The only thing that I can say is that I was referring to the storm in the Qanon sense. The conclusions are very different.
EDIT: I can’t address all the topics you cover, but I have to say that while I understand the cognitive dissonance that it may cause, you should try to detach from your conclusions and look from a different perspective. Trump is not who you think or say he is…not by a long shot. There’s a massive part of this whole thing that you’re missing and not including in your analysis. To me, it seems to be keeping you from a great tool to filter fact from fiction.

Perfect let me watch that and see if I can respond. See if Flynn was someone other than the group that included Bolton that appeared to be in on 911.

He makes a good point but more toward wikileaks, twitter and SAFE than Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. Maybe it just comes down to bankers.

Flynn is a hero.
Bolton? Redeemable. At least, I hope. Seems to be doing well enough pulling the wool over the eyes of people that think he’s a classic neocon fascist. Plays his role well.
They’re both cleaning up 9/11 (and a lot more stuff as well) and helping to bring full and complete justice. There’s way more people though. Huber, Horowitz, Gowdy, Sessions vs. Mueller’s team? All lawyers connected to Enron…whose auditor Arthur Anderson was in the WTC. Convenient. Not to mention Tenex and Uranium One…

He’s talking about infinitychan. 4chan but deeper and darker, haha. The Twatterati is a joke for normies. He’s not just talking about random citizens on social networks. He’s talking about a military plan that recruited citizens to search out classified information by putting together the various open-source public sources in a way that bypasses the declassification rules. Then to disseminate that information and wake the world up with what is really happening. Most of it is citizen-driven, it seems, but the fingerprints of military planning and holding of the crucible are all over it.

And I don’t know why the Cambridge Analytica thing is still an issue. It’s about as clear as daylight that it was a sting to expose Obama’s history of data abuse but more importantly the massive scandalous behavior of Facebook and the rest of the Silicon Valley fascist sellout to the rogue spy community. Notice how the FAANGs lost $1T this year so far? Are they done falling? No way. The really juicy stuff hasn’t even come out yet, e.g. Instagram facilitating satanic ritual abuse and child sex trafficking…but that’s for a different moment. That goes to @ElsieDee’s discussion about Tavistock. Anyway, notice how the abuse of censorship and Google’s products to satisfy China have all their commie workerbees in a rage? Complete boomerang. Cambridge Analytica opened the door to that path. It’s long and it winds but don’t get stuck at the entrance. That’s not where the pot of gold is.

Mercer would be pretty deep. Like the cicada recruitment? As for Twitter I dont appreciate them shutting Alex Jones down on their site but I do appreciate the clear net equivalent of citizen broad cast that bypasses the sponsor filter.

What has enabled Mercers company to be profitable without exception for so long? Connected to a black project that can print its own money?

I don’t know much about the Mercers, but I could look into it. There are a lot of rich and powerful families out there feuding for control. The Mercers are paupers compared to some of these families.

The cidada thing is interesting. I’ve never been able to decide if it was a psyop, a LARP, or an actual recruitment for the NSA or something. Alex Jones has been called out as essentially a shill for the Mossad. I’ve taken to a position more and more as I’ve seen different things that he at least operates in half-truths and deals in conflicts of interest. That said, there really is too much smoke and mirrors to say definitively on a number of subjects.

A lot is just pure misinformation and disinformation. WWIII, for those that haven’t noticed, psychological and informational warfare. I try to take some enjoyment in diving down a rabbit hole without becoming attached to anything I might find. It’s too easy to make connections when they are loose or even non-extant. I just try to keep the larger broader narrative on course.

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Opinions on what Nassim Harramein and Klee Irwin are saying?

I suspect what is driving US policy is an attempt to accelerate the 2nd coming by protecting Israel and building the temple because the Christian heaven is really on the new Earth post 2nd coming. And in the mean time they try to put every Israel shill imaginable into power in the US even as the state of Israel’s actions draw comparison to WWII Germany. Meanwhile Trump’s racism undermines him to the point that Kanye West got the point.

Joe Scarborough is calling for Nikki Haely to replace Trump because of Israel apparently. Do they think she would be an improvement? She is just another foreign power shill. Is that virtue?
Aside from the new Earth plan I dont see what the US gets out of its Israel re-creation.

Trump thinks the UN is illegitimate. He knows all about their schemes in NYC. The UN is a slush fund for unelected globalists and liberal elite private school debate team kids that invent fake problems in the world to fund half-ass solutions and pocket the rest of the money or, better yet, funnel it through a bunch of fake socialist NGOs that cause more fake problems. What do you think he thinks about the person that he appoints to represent the US there? She’s a placeholder, and by being there, he’s keeping her from being elsewhere.

Israel is or is close to the heart of the world’s problem. It’s extremely complicated. Trump is from NYC and knows and/or worked with just about everyone in town. Just think about that…his ideas are going to be pretty f’ing nuanced on Israel and he isn’t going to offer that to his enemies, particularly the media. His M.O. is also keep your enemies closer…

You’re missing the strategic genius in Trump and particularly in the military generals that he placed around him. Just because they’re being supportive of grand religious narratives doesn’t mean that’s the point. It’s a war for hearts and minds of the public against criminal elites. It’s also a battle of ideas in a world of embedded grand worldviews. It’s sticky territory. You can’t ignore or undercut the religion of large populations. If Trump can fix Israel, he can get Israel’s hands off other countries’ cookies. By Israel continuing to be complicated, the whole world has an excuse to rape the US in different ways.

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Sounds reasonable. I like the ideal that Israel can have peace and live in peace.

As for the journalist and MBS. I wonder if that was blow back for MBS’s trying to help take Tesla private.

Imagine if the UK while still part of the EU declared war on Venuzuela because it wanted to steal its oil (among other things) and imagine that the UK said foreign journalists are not allowed in Venuzuela because it didn’t want its war crimes filmed. Then imagine that film was released of the UK killing US journalists in Venuzuela literally hunting them down with gunships and killing them with chain guns in the street while phoning home to base the kill by kill details with full base disclosure and consent going all the way up to Theresa May all on film. And then imagine a US citizen (Assange) is the one whose organization released the footage. Then imagine that May (Hillary (latter stand in for Bush but following the same kill journalists policy- like gagging and firing whistle blowers)) wants that American citizen extradited to the UK and tried as an enemy combatant terrorist and given capital punishment for disclosing UK secrets (what everybody had a right to know, did know and should have known with a functional media.)

Then imagine May (Hillary) is up for a new term and pushing the invasion of say Baja California risking war with the US or Russia in the process and it comes out that May isn’t using UK servers but her own server because she doesnt trust the UK servers after a UK spy boss (Petreaus) went down over using one. Then imagine that May says her own abuse of UK secrecy is immaterial. Then imagine that the same US citizen releases all of May’s emails on Baja and showing the highest bidder behind May cutting off another term for May and granting her replacement (Trump) her term, a term her and her purchasers over turned a primary to steal but the sponsored UK media wouldn’t cover- and of course May was Cameron’s wife . Then it comes out that a UK resident (Kashogi) seeking asylum in the UK was a journalist and left the UK and was hit in a Turkish embassy. Now its time for May’s replacement (Trump) to cry foul and state there is no precedent! And imagine if all of that was preceeded by the May regime burning a UK Reichstag and outting its own spys to invade Venuzuela. And MBS is the guy that’s trying to divest SA of petrol and give women rights and be part of the green solution but the purchasers of May want to punish SA for doing its part in the Paris accord.

Remember Kavenaugh?
Now, what about this journalist? Stop the presses! Is there ANY actual evidence? Zero. Only rumors of a tape that the public knows nothing about. Stop letting the media write the story without any evidence or by claiming anonymous sources. And people wonder why Trump attacks the media?

Look, I can’t go through all of these instances that I see you on the opposite side of or even follow your hypothetical. Just tell the theory because that above was too hard to follow as a flow of consciousness.

The WaPo journalist isn’t who the media is claiming they are. Follow his connections. Bin Laden, Bezos, Muslim Brotherhood, CIA. It’s not conclusive, but it’s some lure that these people came up with to cause a rift with Trump and S.A. Moreover, what the hell should Trump do? Don’t people want the US to get out of other people’s business? Where is the media with the Saudi Massacre in Yemen? Oh, I see. Double standard…particularly when they want to draw attention away from the Saudis exposing the elite pedophile rings that run traffic through Yemen. Hell, the journalist could still be alive for all we know. Wait for the truth first. F the narratives everyone is trying to sell you. Whatever it is, it’s going to boomerang on a bunch of people.
Here’s what’s really on Hillary’s servers. Yeah, pay to play and selling the secrets, but she also ran the blackmail database…if not participated in it. She is on the Epstein island flight record a half dozen times or so…

As for Assange and Snowden?

Did you see that? Both (SNOW) Peas and (JULLIAN) Carrots got pardons. This is how the Trump administration communicates. The examples are endless. People need to wake the F up. Every time the media goes nuts and tries to force the narrative about some Trump tweet and the trolls and bots on social media come out in full force…it’s all a distraction away from how Trump is speaking in codes. He uses the timestamps, capitalized letters that shouldn’t be, and a number of other things. All this stuff has been verified and mapped out. Only the blind public hasn’t figured it out because the media won’t ask Trump a simple question: Is Q real? Yet, they write endless articles about Q. All these people are scared shitless about the ideas being discussed and about the threat that would be posed if the public woke up to their crimes.

Ill look at the links in a bit. But now in the media Canada arrested the Huwei CEO for extradition to the US because supposedly because of trade with a US sanctioned Iran. Media spins it as China would take hostages. Hold on, the US just took a hostage and someone not subject to US law for sanctions against Iran it can’t reasonably expect to enforce for the US pulling out of its own deal. So maybe there are other reasons the US doesnt like this person. But its sounds like the same logic the Republicans used to get revenge against Carter when he elimited fossil fuel profit by using Iran Contra and hostage taking to oust Carter where Carter was attempting to clean up after what looked like a Texas energy sector coup under Nixon by way of OPEC. Seems like the same mo even if its not any deeper than spin. Presumably what is behind it is this person is a spy, but the media’s spin makes the admin look so bad! It just shows how crazy stuff is getting.

Spot on. There’s so much more depth. You have to go deeper.
On Huawei, I’d imagine it’s because all of their devices are backdoored. Iran is under US control. Remember the stupid twitter exchange between Trump and the Iranian General using Game of Thrones memes? There’s been pure silence from Iran since then.

New out today on Assange’s pardon and he rejected it saying US taking death penalty off the table is no bar against extradition to the US and prison. And clearly Equador is feeling pressure and attempting to gag him. Trump mentioned internet vote so that could translate into good will for Trump with hacktivist and ultimately at least portions of the global public but the USG is still pushing charges apparently. Assange needs full pardon and freedom medal and nobel and person of the decade and physical security. That is full pardon, formal appologies, valorizing and physical security. Needs a bunch of books and press comparing him to MLK and Mandela. All of this is part of validating the transparency movement because as Acton pointed out power distributed is freedom (or a better shot at it) and power concentrated is despotism (almost always the case.)

Acton said eventually the problem kicked down the through the ages would eventually result in the people confronting the bankers. The other narrative is the one William Cooper put forth. To transparency and the end of slavery. Oh, and lets get a new energy system.

This thread didn’t age so well…

Well I couldn’t be more left and from my point of view on the right the house freedom caucus is the house tyranny caucus and while I could be wrong its members should be doing life for being psychopaths trying to act on psychopathic intent and for the damage they’ve already done and most of the rest on the right were just obvious sold out prostitutes and while I am not a nationalist being sold out to a corporation or anyone else is treason and should get the kind of treatment the Rosenbergs got even as they were actually trying to prevent tyrrany and even as I don’t like capital punishment because states aren’t in my opinion qualified to carry it out being corrupt in general and imperfect in practice. Trump in theory had his own money so at least had a chance at being less sold out but still money corrupted. As its turned out about 4 special interests seem to have solid hooks in him and at least he and the interests on the way down will likely take down the interests behind Hillary down and hopefully the sold out DNC too. So far Trump hasn’t got us into WW3 and he will supercharge the left and cause the business first right to implode while exposing the hypocrisy of highest bidder rule that places Russia, Israel Saudi Arabia and Exxon Mobil- Shell ahead of the US people- at the same time he is thumping ALEC and letting the prosecutions roll. I am very happy.

But even Bernie wasn’t left enough for me.
I want someone like Corbyn that will bring retributive justice against the criminal parasitic rich that took us from where we were in 1970 to the plantation we’re at today with the average worker being a single female head of household working more than full time and paying a similarly situated stranger to raise her kids and where the majority of Americans are getting 1/16 what they did in 1970 per unit of productive input. These people knowingly intentionally destroyed our society in response to the realization that the scarcity problem had been solved rendering the role of capital permanently defunct (solution means labor is over and by necessary implication capital as well) so instead of something even way better than what we had in 1970 they led us into abject depravity. They need prison and we need justice. Their ideology must be condemned right down into our core documents and culture.

So yes Trump was the best candidate on the right (himself showing the true colors and all the contradictions on the right) while so far keeping us out of unnecessary and unwinnable WW3 even if by taking order from Putin much preferable to taking us into an unnecessary WW3 has Hillary and Romney wanted as puppets for Israel. Trump also humbling the US (getting laughed at at the UN by the other nation reps so necessary because US based rich elite parasites were getting laughed at- necessary for them begin to understand their power has no basis because it has no basis in contribution or equity at home) - Imagine the treason call will get so strong Trump has to flee to Russia but great because f*ck the right! But I could be wrong because I have no special access to info and have to try to read corrupted tea leaves like so many others.

I dont think Trump wanted this but I don’t think he wanted the clowns on the right either or the Hillary that got purchased after her defeat by Obama. I also think the moment if his win showed his my pet goat moment and just like with Bush every world leader that saw that knows he was acting under duress with a gun to his head.

But I hope he goes down swinging. He needs to dump all the state secrets. We need to have full transparency on everything including the Fed (it needs to be abolished) the petrol dollar (abolished) on Israel-Russia-Saudi Arabia and Exxon-Shell on Majestic and all forms of media sponsorship need to become illegal (including those involving search) and state secrecy and gag orders and trade secret enforcement need to become illegal. National Security claimes will be barred. Also like to see us get rid of the republican and democratic parties- need to decertifie these two sponsored pieces of crap and pull the charters and delist from the exchanges the top 6 media firms in the US and pull the press cards of the dual citizenship shills.
Reinstate full net neutrality. Pack the SC and make it even in number, abolish the presidency and replace it with a PM, create a true proportionate representation in the Sennate, eliminate the jerry mandering, get rid of the EC (even though it saved us from Hillary and her war) add the UDHR to the bill of rights, and force paper balloting and papertrail on all voting with verified receipts sent to voters. And lets get clear that sitting presidents (PMs) can be indicted. impeachment or not, as in some cases its necessary to remove a tyrrant. The US can ironically become as democratic as Switzerland. Lets also have rules that allow us to prosecute for treason any idiot puppet politician that can be shown to have proposed things intended to f*ck over the majority of Americans for the benefit of the rich especially for attempts to give them disproptionate control- because of the damage it does if therecis anything that deserves the death penalty it is that. Can’t say it hinders discourse it doesn’t hinder discourse it just says if we catch you trying to slippery slope the American people into a straight jacket economic political or otherwise you forefeit your present bodily form of existence.

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