Trump is the best candidate Republicans are likely to get

Trump is the best candidate Republicans are going to get

Trump comes off as a brawling boozer (even if he claims he doesn’t partake) with no filter but he comes across as money and power first and a clear supporter of white hegemony. His value set is a match for the Republican party. Being at least semi old money he doesn’t come off as being for sale. His willingness to be a total fool makes him seem comparatively honest. The country has a habit of wanting Presidents with balls. No question of his patriotism (despite the brand) nor possibly much concern about his ability to manage American branding. He is gaining a lot of clout for knocking around establishment figures even if they are on the right and for his sense of theater and willingness to be absolutely politically incorrect. In attacking McCain as a victim, it wasn’t so much veterans but McCain that was criticized, Swift boat was precedent.

Trump could beat Hilllary because of things like patriotism, honesty and political correctness. Trump doesn’t act like he is afraid of the establishment because he is the establishment. He’d also be a kind of middle finger to Washington and the Democratic party. Many liberals have issues with Hillary. My own is her treatment of Assange, don’t care if she was Secretary of State- hated her attitude and the things she said regarding a man that risked his life to let the American people and world know things a non shill media would have. This holds even though I appreciate she is left of Obama and her husband.

Rubio’s family immigrated from Cuba. As currently constituted the party would never accept a minority and certainly not after Obama. Part of why Romney lost was his Mormon background. One basically has to be a White Protestant. Even as beholden as the party seems to be to certain conservative Jews it couldn’t even elect a Jew.

Cruz, same issue, Cuban heritage, born in Canada.

Walker- he is too much of a light-weight and Koch shill. Simply replaying the footage of him on the take- he was so incredibly belligerent on it- where he is taking money and making promises to that female billionaire would get rid of him. Intellectually he doesn’t seem to have the juice to face Hillary- doesn’t come off as bright enough, would get run over like Ryan did by Biden, or Trump will dispatch him.

Jindel- nope, same issue as Rubio.

Christy- no. not even an accent will fly. Intelligent enough but also worked with Obama during the flooding.

Jeb- no his refusal to say he wouldn’t raise taxes was interpreted by his base as he would raise taxes on the rich which could collapse the austerity nonsense globally, alienating parasitic elites. Trying to say Americans aren’t working hard enough completely alienated anyone not on the right and possibly most of the lower and middle class right but this nod to austerity still won’t fix things with parasitic rich. More than that, the nation won’t do a third Bush for most people the Bushes relative to 911 share a fate like OJ Simpson, too many bright people think they were complicit. Russia recently threatened to unravel 911, the official version is idiotic. Unlike the Kennedy assassinations the details of 911 will come out. Also. Bush and the Republicans still get almost total responsibility for the 08 melt down and for the resultant election of Obama.

Graham- Trump terminated him.

Rand Paul He is the other Republican candidate that is almost viable but he is against the establishment on too many issues including domestic spying and they will not support him.

He acts in some ways like he can’t be bought. They don’t like that. They don’t like him for some of the reasons they don’t like his father Ron Paul.

Warren Buffet could win, but he is probably too humble to run and he is too liberal for them. He wanted to raise taxes in CA. He also believes in business fundamentals, he’d be against fraud. Bankers and Wall St. would be very uneasy. There are no less well known candidates that could fly. The xenophobia used to cover the 911 fraud has brought them Trump. Their true colors are showing.

Turns out Trump is left of the other Republican candidates in his actual positions. I think he wins unless something changes.

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I think the thing that I find most disturbing about Trump is his ethnocentrism but it seems the Integral theorists are convinced that most enlightened people (not Trump,) at least up until very recent history, weren’t running at level above ethnocentrism. Yep it seems even ‘enlightenment’ is no guarantee of higher moral or ethical development. Are we going to hand this man nukes, and his horrid party the social policy at the executive level? On the other hand even if he went independent I think he may still win and he is under no obligations to appoint Republicans even if he doesn’t.

As a US voter I can’t let go of Hillary on Assange. Trusting a politician is not wise but after that I can’t trust her period. Who would actually try to do more about the money based conflicts of interest in US society? We have to reverse the slide into a sweatshop society. We need to have people come first throughout the system. At this point trump might be slightly burnt on money and even power, possibly a little bit retrospective- Hilary still seems like she is running on pure ideology even if she scares scat out of the right.

If I could ready order a candidate and a platform it would be all about the conflicts with money:

Money in politics- get rid of sponsorship
We have to recognize that money has become the biggest conflict of interest in society. In particular sponsored media is the biggest conflict of interest we can have in society as it generates sponsored government and sponsored law. Bribery isn’t speech. The point of media is not censorship, so lets get rid of sponsored media. Legitimate media only takes money from its legitimate end users and in a numerically proportionate way.

Democracy in the Workplace or Democracy nowhere
If we don’t have democracy in the workplace we don’t have it anywhere. One way to do that would be a shift in the tax code to remove the money based conflict of interest in the workplace by converting most large firms to full employee ownership. That would mean no management on the board and no management with stock or options. It means board members aren’t involved with other boards or firms and it means board members come from employees or former employees.

Carbon energy
Lets do something about dirty carbon energy. Without a carbon blanket we freeze. With too much of a carbon blanket we cook. Dirty Carbon energy isn’t just cooking us its politics aren’t sustainable either. It’s another money based conflict of interest because it corrupts the political base. A Fujitsu solar engineer once told me that covering 13% of the roof tops in North America could completely remove the need for carbon energy of all forms. It’s also becoming clear that effective energy storage is here.

Lets do something about secrecy. Lets make the government completely transparent. Let’s stop courts from trying to enforce secrecy in the private sector, no more protection for trade secrets. Courts don’t enforce secrecy they protect individual privacy. No more conflation of the two. Firms can treat their people better and be careful not to hire psychopaths.

No more Fed
I don’t know what we replace it with but we have some new tools coming up like SAFE and we have a new understanding of the need for transparency. Whatever it is needs to be transparent and predictable.

These are simple ways that we roll back the arbitrary of money. As it is in rule by money we are silenced and we lose our rights and the ability to assert rights. Money has become the biggest conflict of interest in our society and it’s the point of law to address conflicts of interest.

At present he is damaging the Republican party like no one else. He is making them look incredibly weak. That is exactly what is needed. But at this point even if someone just votes Republican because that’s what their family has done back to Teddy Roosevelt and before when the parties changed places, they still have to ask themselves am I a racist and an idiot, because that is what it takes to continue to vote Republican.

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@anon63178599 Great. Lets see what comes to mind. Well, I thought Ken might check out and stop writing and so glad he didn’t because one of his latest “The Future of Religion” was 850 page of solid therapy for my mean green diseases. I was already leaning integral and had some indigo peak moments but that book seems like it got me un-stuck. Liked “Trump and the…” a lot (essay.)

I think Trump like FDR is an exile. FDR wanted into Harvard’s pig club but they wouldn’t let him in because of a disability. Trump because of the way his hair parts, not White enough disabled son or something is also a exile. Both burning over a need to be accepted by a group and will bury that group by means both conscious and unconscious. Trump is a clown-trickster-fool-
crap shoot archtypal figure trudging around spilling their beans. He is transparency, he even bypasses the sponsor filter with twitter, he is like true colors showing, shame and humiliation, like proof pudding, like court of public opinion consensus. He does try to suck up with stuff like: neutrality is the new fairness doctrine. But I also think has a mechanical problem in that petrol has never been economically viable and it was selected after the 70s because it would hollow everything out including the public sector to undo FDR and bring us to collapse and feudalism. The intent behind that will get out even if there is no collapse.

On Q anon, I think true anon yields transparency which because it allows choices other than co-optation means we get interiority and privacy and a better if still problematic basis for rights and their assertion. I think it means we can move from fear based systems to trust based systems. Its a better mirror.

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I’ll check those videos and items in a bit. On quantum anonymity- just think that transparency and privacy are complementary and secrecy and privacy are antithetical and also that loss of privacy is a defacto blanket gag order that leads to loss of rights through atrophy of voice. The silenced become its or items losing subject status. What strong anonimity does coupled with the distribution network is allow us to override money as law or law as crime. Non misrepresentations get out. Its harder to hide crime. Also means more taxation will switch to more tangible assets because assets can be tracked easier in a relative sense when they become manifest vice virtual.

I think Trump was selected because Hillary was pushing war in Iran or war with Russia or nuclear war same as Romney. Anonymous with her treatment of Assange in mind pulled the plug on her but surely they were also looking at her dangerous war mongering for petrol. Its true that at the end of the O admin he raised taxes on the rich but on a 200 trillion $ economy over the next decade she would only raise taxes on them another trillion. She was basically a natural gas sales woman under Cheny. She was anti speech and to the right of Obama and Obama was to the right of Regan in many ways. She seems to have lost to Bernie through cheating which didn’t help her cheat claim against Trump. She was let the eat cakes on Assange- he tells us what the sponsored media wouldn’t and she wants him as a non US citizen extradited and tried as a enemy combatant and given capital punishment over secrecy nonsense when states and corporations should be stripped of it but in massive hypocrisy she can do what she wants with so called secret info even if after Petreaus she was smart enough to keep her stuff on a private server.

Guessing push on Iran was also marketing or a way of saying petrol fuel energy still matters when I think its been a economic scam for 50-70 years because of low economic efficiency derivative of low physical efficiency and could be quickly and completely displaced. In a bunch of threads I put forth this sense that it was realized the economic problem was solved 50 years ago and we’ve been in post capitalism for that long but with a phoney fraudulent economy designed to preserve the status of defunct capital with a slide into plantation type corporate feudalism. Take health insurance, its a fraud where in the name of keeping capital from rotting they get paid to gamble with that pool and they steal the wins and pass on the losses. Its basically financial hostage taking and its what transfer payment based petrol does with pensions and people’s retirements- tries to make these retirements contingent on carrying their junk assets-that is a conspiracy. Business in the US has become fraud and it seems business schools teach criminality and socially promote psychopathy. Its all about profit for parasites and market religion.

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@DarkHorse will get to 2nd Rob Smith video probably tomorrow. Loved the short one. Millenials will hit soon on politics. I did’t give my prognosis on Trump, I don’t think he will make it another 6 months and where its the triggering and I think it could trigger an unheard of 2nd general election even without a mechanism and a jacked up court. Like to see Gorshuch removed. Like to see most of what Trump has done rolled back- the proper charge seems to be treason especially with his Iran rhetoric now echoeing Hillary, and on that bases I could see rolling back and voiding his stuff- sounds utterly crazing but if a Hitler figure had to be removed from office you’d see a roll back. If Trump goes out the hard way like Kennedy did I think Republicans get neutered utterly destroyed they won’t be able to push terror BS. No do I think they get any traction from NK- even another false flag like 911 would just get them instantly removed and checkmated. Both sides of the good cop bad cop have been check mated. Maybe Trump is start of the ouster of some illuminist BS that began with the loss of the Kennedys.

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Ok I am still looking forward to the longer video by Rob. On Clinton I am probably not that dogmatic, but I don’t like the dynasty stuff or her sense that it is ok for her as a public figure to take money from industry groups and have closed door meetings. I know they don’t want the speech chilling effect and don’t want necessary speech taken out of context but I’d like to see hard transparency. She seems off like she’s been Monarch Slaved.

On Trump I am open to his being on the side of the greater good, I have someone who points that out all the time to me. As for news I like RT and Alex Jones and Joe Rogan more than any etablishment entity i.e., NYT and WJS etc., are simply not credible and at best are about trying to gain trust to tell strategic lies. Paul Jays real news network is one I trust on concept more than the others. We have KPFK locally and it was about opposing all forms of co-optation and sponsorship but now it’s listener ‘sponsored.’

Now what you were referencing with Q anon in some ways isnt far off from what I had in mind. It seems we may be entering the post state, post media post business (still have exchange) period. I kept thinking about organizations that would based on membership not ownership (no investment and but pay as you go) and would be leaderless (no board, no execs, no managers or supervisors) and have real time blinded decision making systems shrink wrapped at their core (4 chan 8chan!) with charters that above all sought to drive out all conflicts of interest and co-optation. But I finally realized that little groups of friends without any organization of any sort but a value of non co-optation if they set their minds to it could not only be self sufficient but utterly crush any form of oppression.

I think what we fight is systems based on sex and heredity and the appeal of these even more than the ultimate tangibility of land is their concreteness. But they yield what we generally recognize as enslavement and evil. Hereditary power based on systematic child abuse is simply not good enough.

As for business, ethical truly service or mission focused business us a beautiful thing in all of its forms not for profit and non profit and for profit if for profit is understood with profit being we trust you based on past example with more potential for service relative to a currency commons or pent up resouces.

Really like the sound of Rob Smith’s “panarchy” idea. Supect the path of least resistance will be offering electronic heroin to most ever one the form of artificial reality coupled with cradle to gave unconditional high indexed guaranteed annual incomes. Things like electronic shared autonomy will help. Maybe this is “resource based” economy

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Collaboratives, gifting economy, panarchies so many good things coming as we move from fear to trust.

Too cool on the trigram map. Took binary and mapped it on to consciousness with integral leading edge states stages analysis of your own- such analysis was at the core of much of what Ken was talking about in the book referenced above. I’ve never looked at it but did McKenna’s I Ching system come into your thinking?

UBI is in my opinion an escape valve for a displaced mass population in that it is a way to keep the peace and prevent global road rage- may paradoxically drop the population, but no escaping the inner work on this plane. Its not like we can easily go without exercise. But right now what passes for work for most in the developed world is like a bad video game its too fake.

The upheaval that is coming I am hoping involves an exposure of petrol on its actual transfer payment welfare king economics. I’ve suggested elsewhere on the site that apparently due to permanent low or sub threshold physical efficiency and resultant equivalent nonviable economic efficiency that petro has never actually been revenue positive let alone profitable but that it has still paid illusory profits out of what amount to public treasury transfer payments while incuring huge and unstable debts that regularly induce bailouts in the form of wars and economic collapses that are becoming global. Most inscidiary was its literal selection for its non economic viability in the late 60s long after that non viability was realized precisely because it could be used to retrench and expand heriditary power and hereditary capital at a time when both were already defunct relics while hollowing out the global public sector that could stand to oppose it- a system of power through artificial scarcity even in the face of sufficient automation to readily solve the economic problem. In short a scam, a conspiracy the greatest in history.

Whether this thesis is accurate or not I think it is no coincidence that former ore mining (gold/silver/copper) economic peggings yielded to the even more problematic petrol fuel energy petrol dollar which included pegging in abstract to coal mining and varients of it including oil and NG and now finally bit coin where radically and hillariously what is mined this time is literal transparency with the work to publish the public ledger! Its like a currency based out of glass houses instead of stuff like junk petrol debt (derivatives) where in the case of petrol debt its literally illegal to audit because its such junk people would never buy it if they could inspect and realize its all worse than stranded. So the bit in bitcoin or crypto currency will be replacing the petrol in petrol dollar. We will I am hoping see how an industry (petrol fuel energy) with claimed revenues amounting to about 1% of the global economy has been able to poison that economy for 50 years and recently crash it. Hoping it will inable use to simply pull the plug on the money and power behind petrol fuel and energy. Has there ever been a greater strategic and efficiency advantage for any change than the instant whole sale total replacement of the petrol fuel energy system with green. When its said by people like Tony Seba it will save the average American household 6K per year I think radically understates the value proposition. I think it could
cut the amount of hours people have to work by more than half. But that was the point hedge deflation while treadmilling and exhausting the population and stealing the money for the safety net so they have a gun to their heads. With the right exposure Bush and Cheny and the Neocons could finally get their Nurimberg treatment.

But you could PM me if there is something more specific. But best is if you’ve got something that will help me to see this in a better or accurate or more accurate light, especially if fit for the open thread.

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If Trump is the best candidate that republicans are likely to get, and his behaviour is truly representative of them - then they deserve the credibility collapse he is in the process of exacting on his good old buddies. Its just not clear yet - but I daresay after his decline in popularity he will go down in history as the man responsible for unintentionally exposing the sham of his party politics.
Trump talks about illegal immigration as if the whole country wasnt based on predatory colonialism, forever a corrupt nation state planted on top of an indiginous group who were there first. So really Trump is just a less recent immigrant braying for the persecution of more recent immigrants. Denying the trail of tears ever existed and just encouraging racist rhetoric and action in a nation state made even richer by the forced and long running enslavement of other human beings. What exactly is thanksgiving day about? some half baked twisted propaganda giving thanks for the history I’ve just mentioned.
Regarding the US economy, its all a giant lie. John Maynard Keynes wrote ‘the economic consequences of the peace’ just after WW1, He outlined the World Bank & the IMF as new institutions that could help regulate the world economy , and ensure there would never be another hideous world conflict based on notions of scarcity ever again. After WW2 Britain was bankrupt, so off Keynes went with this excellent plan to visit the US administration and ask for a grant and help to implement the strategies for the betterment of all. He arrived, was refused a grant but offered a giant mortgage (which was only paid off a few years ago) and had his ideas implemented with one key difference - The risch would always benefit the most. Keynes left, returned back to the Uk rather broken and died of a heart attack shortly after.
The Boom & Bust cycle was only designed as a temporary measure till stability had been achieved. Keynes was a practical economist who thought lofty ideologies were useless without some kind of practical plan, so he made one. That cycle has been kept in play ever since because some ruthlessly elitist idiots decided to exploit the opportunity to keep everyone stuck with it since it turned out it was an excellent way to keep the rich rich, and the poor poor and ensure the masses would be kept busy with the associated anxiety and instability this type of totally unnecessary economic volatitly encourages…its worked out just great for the few who benefit and thus in their best interests to keep it quietly continuing. Lets not even get started on so called ‘third world’ debt. Obviously it wasn’t enough for imperialists and colonialists to exploit and abuse people all over the world, and steal their resources - they would then ‘lend’ money they essentially stole in the first place and keep those countries as impecunious as possible.

It’s not that I’m a Keynes devotee, in fact there are a few issues I have with the fabian concept of political elitism - its all a bit to paternalistic and patronising for me - that people are sheep that need to be herded - their emblem of a wolf in sheeps clothing is not exactly comforting… their motto is genuinely 'hammer softly, pray devoutly’
But, nonetheless - Keynes was an exceptional economist and its an insult to his carefully constructed plan to associate B&B with his name, as we are told, its ‘keynsian economics’. Actually, its all a pile of lies chucked on top of a pile of lies and drenched in the blood sweat and tears of human suffering. Trump, or Donald Drumpft or whoever he is, one day we may all look back and say at least he helped prove what a load of rubbish & garbage the UK & US political systems are at present. No wonder they have a special relationship. Not quite sure who is top and who is bottom though. Thats beside the point, the truth is, noone else really wants to hold hands with either of them anymore. Except Cambridge Analytica who were responsible for steering the brexit circus show and the trump ‘hate carnival’ campaign '
and thats my tuppence/2cents worth whilst theres still enough fiat around to keep that terminology appropriate. I’ll leave it with my favourite Keynes quote:
‘Madmen in authority, who hear voices in the air, and try distil the frenzy of some academic scribbler a few years back’ He knew more than a thing or two and he’d never even met Don.
The good news is that public outcry at some of his most ludicrous gaffes and inhumane attitude has helped those who do not agree with him, align with one another. I’m an eternal optimist- and truly - If trump is the best the oldies can manage - they are most certainly enjoyng their last few moments with any real influence. I don’t feel sorry for them. They need some time out on the naughty step. Hopefully by the time theyre allowed back in the room everyone will be too busy having a better life to pay much attention to some obsolete, exclusionary ideology.


Thank you, I never heard some of that on Keynes especially about the plan and its modification.

Never wanted Trump but really angry with the Hillary approach- her campaign logo was the towers and a red arrow pointing right to make an H, wink, wink she would take the country even more to the right. Liked what Bernie was offering, didn’t like any of the others.

I agree completely that Trump does seem to be uniting the country in a way that I think wakes people up and leads to his ouster. Never really was convinced he wanted the presidency thought it might have been a long term cocaine use fueled affirmation law of attraction experiment on his part that shocked him. I do think that intentional or not his plight and actions will create exposure that helps clean up corruption.

It may seem paradoxical that someone who race baits, constantly misrepresents and seems to miss basic conflicts like private gain from public office or being the 3rd or 4th recent president with dynastic pretense- that all of this should keep him from having any care about corruption but I think he thinks he in part will help clean some of it up which brings him into real conflict with the actual establisment. Camps have been battling each other with sex charges in the court of public opinion, but his opponents I think still see him as an accident.

Things aren’t what they seem. Donald was a personal friend of Bill Clinton and might still be. Bannon claimed he was a Lennonist. The Vegas tragedy seemed to be US’s first less moronic false flag, not that false flags aren’t moronic by definition, but this seemed like maybe they had help from maybe a machine?

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Thought the Bush admin was doing the same with the wire tap. But devils advocate of course includes some of the following: After he got the nomination his own party was trying to abort his presidency. It was more than just the reality show persona but also possibly real concerns about addiction (not alcohol) stability and temperment but also more than usual baggage including possibly grossly over stated weath and affiliation with vice and vice realated businesses and possible ties and financing from oraganized crime both foreign and domestic. Most concerning was the possibility that he had been puppetized or captured which also spoke to concerns about input for the bomb. His insensitivity and bias in public don’t help outside of his base. But Hillary seemed to have contempt of public- incredibly dangerious.

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I agree that one of the frustrating aspects of watching the theatre of politics is knowing full well the links and ties purportedly ‘opposite’ factions share. The Bushes & B.Ladens are a good example. Effectively they are all working towards the same aim - control of the many at the hands of the few. Recently in the UK Boris Johnston & David Cameron were presented as ‘opposites’. What a joke! They’re both members of the same party! both attended Eton and their public wrangling was little more than a grown up version of the same debating society they were involved in as boys. It amazed me that the british public still beleive that there are nameless, faceless individuals controlling things behind the scenes. All it would take to give these people identities is a quick look at the Eton Alumni…
I think your perceptions on how trump arrived where he is are inspired. A mixture of narcotics and affirmations…And though it seems as if there is disagreement about his activities from members of his own party, this is all just part of the illusion. I will mention Cambridge Analytica again - they were responsible for steering both the brexit & the trump campaign. The main thing, I think, is to look beyond and behind the visible displays of politics and question who gains what and where as a result. The status quo - elitists in positions of influence - is invariably maintained. As it happens, in the UK, Jeremy Corbyn managed to win the support of the people by being one of the few politicians whose life has been dedicated to effecting genuine social change - the press was unable to dig any dirt on him because there wasnt any. He suprised alot of people in power, including many upper members of his own party, most of whom did not back him by putting the leadership vote to the whole party. Once established as party leader, he encouraged people to use their protest votes instead of simply opting out of the whole process. He also managed to mobilise younger voters.
I’m not a fabian or a corbynista - but I genuinely like and respect him as a person and consider him one of the cleanest politician the UK has seen for eons. Politics is such a dirty business that cleanliness stands out a mile. Sadly Jo Cox was murdered by a ‘britain first’ fanatic during the brexit campaign. It is totally shocking how quickly her death was moved on from during, and after the campaign. It didnt suit the far right rhetoric to linger on the terrorist actions of a white british male with far right views. The murder of Jo Cox stole away a good hearted and genuine politician who I genuinely believe was on the way to number 10.
But back to Donald Drumpft - He’s one of the best actors the theatre has - the only genuine positive aspect is the mass social alignment against his visible lunacy - and that is something beyond the control of the media or any other string pullers. Well, I’d like to think so. But thenCambridge Analytica are chief string pullers extraordinaire…
I just found this article on CA. I missed it in May, very illuminating…

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I agree. This is my issue with the fabian model of gradualism…I know where its headed.
My interest in Keynes is more historical than anything. I used to think of him as an unsung hero who had his practical economic plan reappropriated and twisted into something monstrous. I still believe the latter happened. The bloomsbury set were certainly having fun, but I for one am not a fan of the fabians. Neither was Orwell. He penned his protest and called it ‘1984’ and sadly died shortly afterwards.
I really liked the video - it explains the mess economics is in now - my point about keynes is that he had devised something that would have been much more efficient had it been implemented properly at the time. But then again, I should be careful what I wish for since the motivation was entirely fabian - and the so called ‘new world order’ would have been established in 1946…I might not agree with all of Keynes philosophies but I respect him greatly for some of his insights and the way he applied his intelligence. I’ve heard he declared that ‘Marxism was simply based on a misunderstanding of Ricardo’. I’ve yet to know or understand enough to challenge that opinion, but Churchill described Keynes as one of the most intelligent people he’d ever met. Its not that I rely on churchill to tell me whether or not to trust Keynes, but historically speaking this is an interesting morsel of information. Basically, I find John Maynard Keynes fascinating - I’m not a devotee of his economic policies or his ideological stance - but I can’t seem to shake my interest in him. Quite a formidable figure who is by and large only known for one expoited loophole in an otherwise extensive economic plan.
Regarding trump & affirmations/narcotics - I accept this is entirely speculative and could be considered an ad hominem attack. Nonetheless, I still agree with Warren and think this could have been a route to his enourmous success in business and politics in the first place. It may be unsubstantiated - but its not so much fake news as a new personal opinion derived from another person I concur with.
Here is a beautifully presented piece of indisputable real news - So much so that after a threatened lawsuit following the publication of the article in June 2017 - the rest of the contents were left unchanged. I’m very thankful to the author for pursing the story.

I am a couple posts behind but wanted to respond to some of the thoughts in the post with the guardian article and also caught a nib of a comment on commumism while scrolling down.

The commumists in their East German laboratory right up to the point when Wall fell were still trying to bring about their end goal of real or complete “Socialism” including the core goals of Communism to eliminate the state, get rid of money, markets and contracts. If you could attach a reasonable standard of living and some how manage to get respect for the equivalent of an even slightly expanded universal declaration of humam rights… well that wouldn’t sound like flat land to me. But of course the means to those ends have been pretty authoritarian so far under tried approachs. To me communism has been among other things a way of recognizing that rule by money is unacceptable. Its not far off from resource based economy notions in aim and intent and the central planning criticism applys to the West as well but in the West at least did not confuse loud speakers with telephones earlier on.

I’ve heard this story that at the end of WWII the US wanted to turn Germany agrarian and leave French politicians in charge of what would become the EU. They relented and it was agreed that bifurcated Germany would provide industial output under French supervision. Also that the EU would be a monetary union only thus keeping it from forming a political will. Well, overnight it eclipsed the US economically on paper and soon the EU became a function of the battle between German bankers and French politicians. In the mean time Britian can’t even shed its vestigial monarchy and can’t even get a UDHR and has been over run by Neocons and a worse than useless Mid East fixation and distraction. Essentially Britian was losing not only monitary control but this was also being used to strip political control. So Brexit isn’t the worst thing. Under Corbyn it might be able to come back in with a proposal for a political Union of the EU. A political union is something many US elites will will not want because that will put the team they fell more tied to further behind but its something the world needs.

Interesting to tie Hillary to Bannon. During her husbands admin the Right was always accusing her and her husband of carrying Mao’s little Red Book especially during some of the college days they spent in Britian. Lets not forget where Marx is burried.

Hillary apparently came, depite prior liberal pedegree, to shore up the right’s welfare through petrol defense- losing to Barack might have got her esentially purchased by Israel and Saudi Arabia as her only chance for the next round- and she’s been off since she hit her head. Repairing the right’s money base is what she was offering in return for more left social agenda including being the first woman potus- but for her actual base that selling out more of the left political and economic agenda for more social gain wasn’t worth it but that is what she was offering and it was’t far off from what her husband did- he set up for the Bush regime.

When Sanders entered he put the proper context to her ploy. In that light she couldn’t win. He beat her solidly in the primaries but she cheated. If there had been no Bernie she would have beat Trump soundly even with sell-out platform. Bernie would have beat Trump easily. Trump campaign also knew that- if they’d let Trump debate Bernie they’s have lost their chance. But once having cheated with Bernie she could not contest Trump because with his own election cheating despite beating him by 3 million votes because her primary cheat would be brought up and he said he would not relent. And they did cheat, remember Rove’s response when Romney lost. Gore was another cheat.

One thing that shows how bought and sold Hillary was also coupled with her arrogance i.e not campaining every where was not being able to have Bernie as VP. She would have made concessions because that would have guaranteed the win. But it couldn’t be her right captors wouldn’t let it because Bernie could end up at the helm. People like Paul Krugman would rather have had Trump and the Republicans than Bernie, so these fake liberals showed their true let-them-eat-cakes political and economic colors.

But its worth looking up what Kim Dot Com supplied the GOP by way of the NSA in October. That is apparently what shifted the electoral college vote. And that was apparently the work of Anonymous as they did exactly what they said thet would do with Hillary over her stance on free speech and privacy. As an activist they has been splitting from the fake left for a while, who could be happy a NDAA rider under Obama allowing regular military to disappear US citizens in country and do so without a paper trail.

But digressing, her plan to shore up the Right’s welfare involved replacing weak false flag Al Qaeda and ISIS with another cold war.
It would presumably entail sabre rattling at Russia by way of Iran to bring back the binary world- but China is the Bernie in that equation- they are still Communist and belong to the BRICs block? Russia presumably wasn’t comfortable with this. The influence of both Israel and Saudi Arabia on the US could have made it even harder to trust this would be stable its quite possible Russia intervened in the US election not for the purpose of substantially interfering beyond normal levels of influence or preference but out sheer self preservation for everyone.

But remember the Soviet Union peacefully disolved. I think this was possible because they knew few things. They knew capitalism as their ideological enemy had literally died 30 years prior and that top down centralized planning was really anathema to their actual political beliefs even if they could see it starting to function in China where there was a cultural framework for higher power distance.

But now Bannon and Hillary. Bannon had said he was a Lennonist ( can’t be that without being a Marxist) that he planned to take out both parties and get rid of the state by agitating lower class. Well he was fabled to have said this to a journalist at a party some years ago. This was the formula followed in Russia. Tying it to the historical date and having a 1 percent(er) gray haired white guy rain down what sounded like 50 cal bullets on coralled cow boys (not what these people were but implied symbolic optics) at a country western concert (again implied right side proles as victims optics) having the the perpetrator appear to get away with it but linking it to a Casino and to a weird floor number. Also recalled OWS with “we are the 1%” but instead of a banner or a ballot it was bullets. How many people’s bow was this a shot across? Its a hit at casino capitalism and the banks and the cow boy beef reference is a shot a petrol. Trump married into a Russian family and crony wise he is taking up space in public positions with family members and refusing to occupy the official residence. Is this a coup by a Soviet Union that went dark or a shot from the angry hard left at the right showing they can out false flag and a warning shot. Bannon was removed after this. Remember the right could never be sure where Trump stood just thought he wasn’t really ideological. Think about who silicon valley really is politically and how they now talk guaranteed annual incomes now.

Suspect what might have happened with vegas is a run on their holy grail of some strand of seemingly higher intelect in machine format but stripped of volition (like volition captured and made unconscious) in conjunction with human input a bit like the free style chess contests with teams of people and machines and a bit like the hollywood person of interest series.

I really like what Rob Smith said in the link dark horse provided above because it looks like it makes sense of a lot of the complexity.

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I find your knowledge and understanding of the complexities involved in international politics both fixating and difficult to keep up with.
I am rapidly descending into repetitive ranting- The background information on Cambridge Analytica has simply sparked a rage I feel at the utterly contrived nature of US & UK politics. I knew it was happening, but being given exact details that are practically box fresh makes me even more frustrated by the whole situation than ever. I’ve just spent an hour bashing out some tangential offering about the psychological profile of an Old Etonian. I haven;t even got started on the influence of the Tavistock insititue of human relations, applied psychological warfare or the fact that surveillance data has been britains biggest export since they stopped making anything else, including enough food to be self sufficient. The CA crew are just the public face of an operation that has been going on for over a century. Having a truly public face at all is the only genuine innovation they represent. A microfine tip of a gargantuan iceberg. Bad metaphor really, considering the total lack of interest in global warming, and the fact that weather modification has been being developed for at least nearly 70 years.
I’m now producing little more than a fractious collage of concerns I really think I need to take some time out to read through this entire thread repeatedly and return with a calmer and more considered response. I didnt want to disappear without thanking both you and darkhorse for encouraging me to engage in this discussion. You’ve both informed and educated me on subjects and details I knew nothing about -and given me the opportunity to express some thoughts and ideas, some of which definitely need updating. I am so deeply exasperated by the thick web of lies and deceit that constitute party politics in the UK - by the covert operations of agents of social control & by the activities of the alumni of one school and one university in the south of the country that I really do need to take a breather and stop bashing my keyboard for long enough to process all the information and ensure I dont spontaneously combust. I will return to posting when I’m a bit calmer but in the meantime thank you for the book advice - its a dense read but fascinating and challenging. Many thanks to you and to dark horse - I will read and re read this thread and will post again when I feel less like throwing my laptop against a wall. with Best wishes. Elsie

Perfect on Hillary. The cocain thing was the opinion of Howard Dean and Carrie Fischer. When I tend to think socialism I tend to think Scandinavia, France, Japan and Canada. Think Picketty tells an interesting story on capitalism and a means to reign in some of its excesses.
But like Tony Judt I think he just wants to keep state monopoly capitalism going and bring back the 3 golden decades.

The sort of pop authors on culture I’ve looked at recently including David Icke, Texe Mars and David Wilcock also Steven Greer all tend to be telling the same story on Iluminism or hereditary systems of child abuse- one step beyond the asertion that got Freud in trouble. Also noted Daniel Suarez as a pop fiction writer did a book “Influx” that stayed with me on tech suppression.

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You know what brings me solace? Belief in the power of friendship. I think small groups of friends can overcome almost anything and literally confetti stuff like NSA, CIA, FBI, Marine corps. No leadership, no organization, no tech, no schedules, no fixed memberships, no budgets, no plans, literally nothing- just friendship it is totally, utterly invincibly crushing. There are so many things that don’t get off the ground with friendship, stuff like co-optation. Its a field of heaven.

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Thats a beautiful perspective on true friendship and the power of positive and incorruptible human relationships. I agree with you
.I’m forwarding this ‘real & genuine news’ story about good human beings doing what they can to improve the desperate situation for refugees in northern france.
You wont hear this story in the mass media as it is not advantageous to their agenda. But it is the truth and so here it is.

Guess What? There is still a Refugee Crisis
Posted on September 30, 2017

On December 1st 2015 Refugee Community Kitchen served it’s first meal in the Jungle in Calais. We have since been serving food day in day out without question ever since. At the height of the Jungle we were serving over 2500 meals a day with a total now served of over a million meals since setting up. Even with witnessing evictions and fires on a regular basis and the final eviction and the destruction of the Jungle and Dunkirk we managed as best we could to respond to the food needs of the refugees.

With the Jungle destroyed the authorities hoped that would be the end of refugees arriving in Calais, that people wouldn’t arrive if there was no place for them to come to. But people fleeing war and famine from Eretria and Sudan, Afghan, Pakistan and Syria don’t know that the Jungle is not there anymore, in fact they didn’t know the Jungle was there in the first place. All they know is they want a chance of life.
This is being proven to be the case as more and more refugees arrive in Northern France. With the Dunkirk camp burnt to the ground and no Jungle the authorities have taken the cruel stance of not to let these people settle. What we see now is worse than it has ever been. There is no infrastructure, no water, no toilets, no nothing. Many minors still arriving are unaccompanied (I prefer to call them children) and they sleep in the woods and the ditches this is if they are allowed sleep at all. The confrontations with the CRS are relentless and inhumane. They are moved on, moved out, moved anywhere but the spot that they find you. People aren’t being offered any options, no information, nowhere to turn to, no hope. Welcome to Europe.

Food had become the political hot potato. To control food is to control the people. The Mayor of Calais created bans in certain areas of the feeding of the refugees with the rhetoric that if we feed them it will only attract them. Every day was a game of cat and mouse. We had to change our distribution points regularly when we hear news of the police blocking our efforts and putting time restrictions on our service. Generally obstructing the humanitarian mission to feed those in need with searches and vehicle stops.
We have watched the ebbs and flo’s of the media interest and the agenda of hate which is being used by the right wing in this crisis using refugees/migrants as the current weapon of choice to bring fear into our houses. They’re stealing our jobs, claiming benefits, they’re terrorists and the most repeated to us “Why don’t you look after your own? “ And we had an answer to that “We do.”
With the skill set that we had in our volunteers that wanted to help but couldn’t get themselves to Calais or Dunkirk it would have been short-sighted not to set something up in the UK. We realised that the few refugees that did manage to get to the UK often had no support and although given leave to stay couldn’t work, get any benefits, eventually finding themselves homeless. We knew this would be impacting on the ever-increasing homeless issues in the UK. In October 2016, 10 months after setting up in Calais we took to the streets and set up a homeless outreach in London. Any person that is displaced even in their own country and is seeking help, we hope we can offer some help in the form of a hot meal.
Currently RCK serve over 300 meals a week over 3 nights in Camden Town and a weekly Outreach in Hackney. The clients get served a hot main meal served with Rice, along with salads, fresh fruits, puddings, breads and more. The majority of the food served at the outreach is rescued food or waste food, collected and delivered by volunteers chopped prepared and cooked in our own houses.

People have asked us how do we know who is homeless, who is a refugee? How do we judge who needs food. But we don’t know and we won’t ask. If somebody is coming to outreach for food and not at home sharing a meal with family or friends then there must be a reason for us to feed them and Feeding without judgement is what RCK do. The clients on the ground are varied the social issues are different but the marginalisation is still very much the same everywhere. Our clients are refugees, homeless, people from hostels, Old age Pensioners and people with mental and medical health issues that are not in a situation to look after themselves.
Refugee Community Kitchen is committed to providing good healthy, wholesome food for the refugees during the continuing crisis for as long as we can. With the famine taking hold of East Africa creating the movement of 20 million people and the continuing exodus from countries at war, living under dictatorship, fear of torture, and poverty, without a global conversation it looks like this is going to be a long and painful journey not just for those on the move, but also for those that can see no end of this struggle and those that are trying to make a difference.
We are still here, still in Calais and Dunkirk providing over 1000 meals a day. We have been providing food to Syria, Serbia, Paris and London. None of the struggles are news worthy anymore, all yesterday’s news. What can we tell a 15 year old who has lost his family but wants to study to be in the Navy or the 19 year old whom speaks 3 languages and has walked 1,000’s of miles, to the old lady who should be safe at home watching her grandchildren grow, what do we tell them? That this is it? We can offer food and love but trying to give them hope when there is no help and our hands are tied is a lie too far.

If you want to get involved email for Calais /Dunkirk and for the UK. Or if you can help financially please do you will be making a difference.

Refugee Community Kitchen

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Hey, I’ve been meaning to get back to this thread, but it moved so quick and deep. All great discussions! I started developing a litany of ideas to discuss, and it all became a bit of a large response. I have a pending response, but it might take some time to get back to. Lots of good things going on that I’ve been trying to juggle. Follow the White :rabbit2:. The next couple months are going to be epically consequential times for many generations to come around the world!


Think I suddenly realized that for 50 years its been welfare through and through. Suddenly realized that all of business is propped up by government that its not just petrol. That its welfare for the rich and the middle class and the poor. That its more centrally planned and rigged than I ever imagined. Both parties are basically welfare parties too. This is apparently nothing new. Old Democratic Greek society taxed the rich and gave to the poor and taxed the poor and gave to the rich and taxed and mingled everything in between for the purpose of getting people to get to know one another to avoid expatriatiion through simply becoming too isolated. It might as well be a big pre-school. When social services amount to so much buildings, air conditioning and paper thats just the otherside of the wefare showing up. And what they call commerce is also just so much welfare mongering. Welfare for the rich needs to go though, but we can re universalize real wellfare to make the rich eligible again for it but cut the unjust destabilizing kind.

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It seems there is alot of legislation being constructed like scaffolding around the structures of information networks all with a view to constrict service and monopolise on the streamlining…
As far as I can tell, there is a concerted effort in motion to present cryptocurrency as an unreliable and inherently corrupt form of finance. Which is ironic considering the condition of the rusty old fiat the ptb are clinging on to.
This piece of sponsored diversion will allow for ham actors to buy plenty of cryptobiscuits and work on the repackaging and reselling once the territory has been rendered ‘secure’ by exhaustive legislation. There will continue to be deals done on who ‘owns’ the airspace - the electromagnetic traffic is approaching gridlock - and with the IOT well on the way and a surge of iPv6 devices, there are more signals than ever and this is likely to continue.
Global politics is looking more like a scripted set up by the moment. All of the itchiest backs are being scratched whilst the impression of conflict is dished out to the masses. Wealth continues to be funneled into the pockets of the richest of the rich in all areas of the world. The stagecraft department of the global theatre co are well practised in producing a steady smokescreen for their ongoing production of ‘we’re in this together without you’.
I’m hoping there aren’t too many more seasons. Its so boring. The plotline never changes and the acting is rubbish.

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